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My nipple stretching experience

le>My nipple stretching experience

I originally had my nipple pierced in November of 1996. It was a very intense experience - as painful as my reading other peoples' accounts on BME had led me to believe. But the pain was only momentary and it settled to a dull aching which lasted for a few hours. I was very happy with this new addition to my body - the look of a piece of metal going through my left nipple was (and still is) an amazing sight and one I don't believe I will ever tire of looking at.

But one day, while reading BME, I started looking enviously at pictures of people with larger gauge barbells and rings through their bodies and realised that this was something that looked extremely interesting and that I would like to experience.

So, 3 months after I had first had my nipple pierced, I trundled off to the piercers (Steel Dreams in Leeds, England for those of you who may be interested) and had a chat with Doug, the owner, about the stretching process. He showed me the ring he had in his nipple and I made the decision there and then to 'go large' as it were. So, he got out the taper etc and after a little consultation, we decided that I would go up to 2.5mm (10 gauge) from the original 1.6mm (14 gauge) that I had it pierced with. We did this in two steps, with a 2mm cbr inbetween, as the stretch from 1.6 to 2.5 would have been far too intense.

I was a bit nervous at this point, not knowing how much it was going to hurt, so I tried to relax and not rip the arms of the chair off as he prepared to put what looked like a huge ring into my nipple. And fortunately it was nowhere as bad as I had anticipated. There was a bit of pain as the taper went in, but nowhere as bad as when I first had it pierced. So, I ordered my lovely large 2.5mm horseshoe barbell and left with the promise that he would contact me as soon as it arrived at the shop. So I spent the next couple of weeks in happy anticipation of its arrival, annoying my housemates and workmates with constant references to how good it was going to look when I finally got this piece of metal that I had been longing for. And eventually, the phone call arrived and I set off with happy heart to the shop where, I imagined, I was going to get the definitive and final bit of steel in my nipple. This stretch was more painful that the first one, but again, nowhere near as bad as the piercing, so I went home and showed it to everyone I knew and the aching wore off after a couple of hours (and a couple of beers :-)).

And, I imagined, that was that. I looked forward to getting other things pierced,but as far as I was concerned, my nipple would stay at 2.5mm for the rest of its life.

I was wrong. Since then I have also had my navel (1.6mm) and my left lobe (stretched to over 4mm) pierced. But I wasn't happy. The 2.5 mm barbell was starting to look decidedly thin. So, I again (this was in March - 5 months after having it pierced) went back to the piercing studio and had my nipple stretched to 3mm (8 gauge). This hurt. But again, not as much as having it done in the first place, So I went home happy and waited for it to stop aching so I could go out and show it to people that I knew (who, by the way, were mostly thinking that I was very weird by this point :-)).

Again, I thought that this would be it and my nipple would be happy with a 3mm cbr.

Again, I was wrong. I just had it stretched again this Saturday (3rd May) to 4mm (6 gauge). This hurt. 3mm to 4mm seems to be a large step up and I probably should have had it done with an intermediate step of 3.5 mm. I feel this may have eased the pain. But what's done is done. It has ached for most of the last day but is getting much more bearable now. As you might expect, it is quite tight, and is very hard (and somewhat painful) to rotate the ring through my nipple, but it'll loosen up soon and I will be able to play with it again :-) Sleeping last night was painful as I normally sleep on my side and every time I rolled over, I woke up aching. But the end result looks fantastic and I have no regrets whatsoever. Possibly I could have gone slower, but I am entirely happy with the look and feel of my nipple ring.

Richard. email eclrjs@leeds.ac.uk web page (with a small, but hopefully soon to expand bodyart page)


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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