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African-American nipple history

ican-American nipple history

Well... it's been two weeks since getting my nipples stretched I must say-- it's fabulous. Let me relate my own personal history of body modification and it would put things into perspective..

I'm a 32 year old professional black male who has actually never felt that great about my body.... I'm 5'8, 180, and in good shape but i've always had issues with the way I look. I will say however, that modifying my body has given me a new sense of confidence. I wanted to submit something here because it's rare to hear from African Americans into piercing but I wanted you all to know.. we definitely exist! :)

I had my nipples pierced 8 years ago but only kept them for a few months because my partner just did not like them and thought them weird. But as anyone who's had "work" done, it doesn't just "go away"... so last April 1996, I was literally sitting at work at my desk in my suit and tie flipping through a newspaper when I saw an ad for Body Basics in Chicago. A thought that lay dormant for years came leaping forward.... I want my nipples pierced again! So right that second.. I called Body Basics made an appointment for an hour later... and just had it DONE! Mita the piercer couldn't have been better... I was extremely nervous and I was very nervous about the pain even though I had been pierced before....(in a bad place.. looking back, I can't believe i got pierced in the back of a tacky shop in Vancouver, Canada.... thank God my nipples healed well)

Mita relaxed me and I picked out 14 gauge captive ball rings... and when the needle went thru the first nipple... WOW!... it hurt but it was more an intense rush my body had to deal with! Just a minute later, she slipped the jewelry in and then proceeded to pierced the 2nd nipple which was tougher and I experience a more intense pain but it didn't last that long...

I walked out of the shop walking on air... my nips are pierced again... it was great.. but what in the WORLD was I going to tell my partner? Well, that night.. I wimped out and didn't tell.... prayed he wouldn't touch my chest that night and feel them.. Anyway, the next day I did call him from work (wimp! I know) and told him what I did the previous day.. he didn't take it well at all.. but guess what? over the months, he really grew to appreciate them....

Healing for me was actually pretty painless and I meticulously followed the aftercare procedures. Well, the initial nipple piercings were last April.. since then, I've had them stretched twice from 14 gauge to 11 gauge to finally 8 gauge a couple of weeks ago.. Both stretchings were done by Art at Body Basics in Chicago.... and we're essentially a breeze.. (despite my reservations!) I will say I' m no pain freak at all... but the brief sensation you feel is well worth the look the jewelry gives you....I've found these 8 gauge nipples which are large in diameter.. REALLY attract attention.. they do look huge as I opted for the large captive ball ring...

I think I'll stay here for awhile.. these 8 gauge rings feel right.. but ask me again in a year! :) Anyway, anyone visiting Chicago should check out Body Basics for any body mod work or tattooing.. I'm considering a tattoo.. but i don't want those washed out tattoos that I've seen on many black people.....

Well, check out my other entry.. I want to tell you all about my new PA and the history behind that!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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