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Piercing Experience @ Scimitar

first became interested in piercing some 13 years ago, when I saw a nipple piercing on a guy on the beach in Brighton. It seemed to be just what I wanted, as I had very flat nipples which were not very sensitive. I didn't do anything about it until late summer the next year I saw another guy with both nipples pierced, again on the beach at Brighton, and so I was determined to do it myself. A couple of weeks later when I was on holiday in the Lake district, I suddenly remembered I had seen an advert for piercing in Gay Times.

When I got home, I searched out the magazine, and saw the advert for Scimitar. I rang the number and made an appointment the following Saturday morning. During the week prior to the appointment, I thought continuously about whether I should go ahead with the appointment, but when the time came, I thought that at least I should visit Scimitar to discuss the procedure, and then make my decision. I new I wanted nipple piercings, but I was a little afraid of the pain and possible problems. Nevertheless, I made my way to Peckham Rye, to a flat where I was welcomed in. Now I realise I asked some very silly questions, but Paul was very patient, and put me at my ease, and I decided to go for both nipples with BCRs. I stripped to the waist, and laid on a bed whence Paul cleaned my nipples with some antiseptic, then applied a spray local anaesthetic. He explained I wouldn't feel any pain, just a little tugging as the hollow needle went in. He applied a clamp to the left nipple, and in a moment, the needle was through and the BCR fed back through the piercing. I couldn't watch, but was delighted with the end result when I looked as soon as it was finished. He was right - it didn't hurt at all, only a slight pull, and much nicer than say having a tooth filled.

Paul then went to the other side of the bed and did the same to my right nipple. This time, when the piercing needle was still in, I had a good look whilst Paul went back around the bed to get the ring. The sight of this needle right through my nipple was great! Soon I had both nipples with BCRs in both, and Paul applied dressings to my chest to protect them whilst I travelled home. I was given full details of aftercare, and was soon on my way. Whilst waiting for the train home, the effects of the local anaesthetic wore off. I could feel my nipples were pierced, but in no way could I say they were painful.

When I got home, about 3 hours later, I was keen to take off the dressings. I cleaned up the piercings and left them open for the rest of the day. It was only uncomfortable the first few nights as I like to sleep on my front, but I soon got used to it, and in about 7 weeks the piercings were fully healed.

Sadly, Paul at Scimitar is no longer with us, and further piercings were done at the late Mr Sebastian and more recently at the London Piercing Clinic. The successful ones, and the not so successful ones are another story however.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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