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Nipple Pierce (female)

ple Pierce (female)

Nippple pierce (female)

I've been interested in piercing/tattooing since I was a teenager. I had my ears pierced with a gun when I was 15, then shortly after added two more piercings to each lobe myself. When I was 16 I had my nose pierced (again with a gun), then when I was 17 my boyfriend (now my husband) did a small tattoo of an ankh on my bikini-line area (while very simple and amateur, I have kept this tat as it is for it has strong associations for a certain period in my life).

My husband had quite a lot of tattoos when I met him, however they were all pretty bad quality and I never really liked them. When I was in my mid 20's my husband found a tattooist who covered up his old tats with some beautiful work. This inspired me to get some tats of my own, a total of 5 over the next few years.

I added a cart pierce 3 years ago, I did it myself as again it marked a very important time in my life (my husband nearly died in a motorcycle accident).

Last year, when I was 31, I decided to explore piercing more thoroughly. I had my nose re-pierced, then had my navel then my tongue pierced.

Today I went to have a nipple pierce. I have always been fascinated by nipple piercings - as a teenager I had a few gay friends who had them and I had considered having one on and off for years. I made the appointment yesterday, then nearly had to cancel as my period started and I thought the increased sensitivity of my nipples might  make the procedure too unpleasant. I decided to continue, I hadn't come this far to give up now.

I arrived at the studio very nervous, and had one last cigarette before going in. I only had to wait a few minutes, then went straight in. I had already arranged to have a stainless barbell - harder to clean, but I think it will heal more quickly on me. One of the assistants was giving the floor a quick clean when I went in, so we waited till he had finished before starting anything. I have to admit, I watched very little of the actual procedure. Usually I am quite happy to watch anything being done to my body, but with this procedure involving no anaesthetic I thought it best not to watch. The marking and cleaning was done, then the clamp applied. This hurt a bit, but not much and I was assured it woudn't get much more painful. It did! When the needle went through the pain was very unpleasant, enough to make me screw my face up and throw my head back (I'm pretty embarrassed about this now, but my way of dealing with pain always seems to involve some sort of dramatics!). I concentrated on breathing and forcing the pain to diminish (I find the power of mind over matter is somewhat underestimated in our society). I expected to feel further pain when the barbell was closed, but the pain had pretty much gone. There was very little blood, which also suprised me, I'm not sure why.

I dealt with the formalities (payment, aftercare instructions etc), then went to the car to drive home.

On the way home, the feelings from my nipple were pretty sensational. The main feeling was like my husband was biting/sucking on the nipple, which was quite erotic and suprised me considering I'd just had a chunk of metal pushed through it. The feeling also reminded me of when I was breast feeding my son, the sensation when he hadn't quite lached on to the nipple properly and was sucking really hard.

It's now 3 hours since the piercing, and after studying it in the mirror, I love it. I have given it a clean with sterile saline to clean the blood off, which was a bit painful.

The main problem now I think will be trying to stop from playing with it until it is healed (I really want to play with it now, but know I can't). This is my first "erotic" piercing, and if this is what they're all like, I want more !!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Aug. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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