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Nipple Piercing

ple Piercing

 After six years of deliberation I decided to have my nipples


 As a Top male in my 40's and experienced in bdsm, I was surprised

to find many judgements made by people in the scene regarding a Top with piercings... While historically piercing of nipples and other parts of the body has been associated with the sub role, haven't things changed some....? I thought they had, yet am surprised to find people asking me...why would a Top be pierced? hmmm..

 At any rate, I found a piercer - I believe "word of mouth" is by

far the best reference..I was fortunate enough to find Tracy at Black Hole here in Portland, Oregon....a piercer trained by Fakir and apprenticed to one of the premier piercers in the Northwest...now in her own shop.

 I made an apointment and met Tracy, a beautifully tattooed and

pierced young woman whose fund of knowledge about the art was amazing. We selected jewelry based on a series of questions she asked regarding sensitivity, types of stimulation I enjoy, future ideas, and how I might want to modify the piercings at a later time. These were questions I had not considered, even in 6 years of contemplation. I found Tracy's skills, experience, and knowledge quite comforting and thoughtful....again, supporting my belief that "the individual doing the piercing makes all the difference."

We decided on a 10 guage, captive, barbell ring.  Her patience and

time in measuring and marking prior to the piercing was deliberate, steady, a series of checks and re-checks, all done with a gentle dialogue, explanation, and confidence that was quite reassuring.

 The sterile technique, the cleanliness of her room, the attention

to detail and exceptional preparation reflects Tracy's professionalism...a critical element to look for these days..hers is superb.

 The actual piercing, I am surprised to say, was much less

uncomfortable than I'd expected. Again, I believe this is all about technique. After placing the forcep clamps she utilized a familiar psychological technique - the long inhale, and forceful exhale (common with weightlifting for example) and at midpoint of my exhale, she reported the left nipple was done...the discomfort was about a 7 or 8 on a 1-10 scale, but only for about 5 seconds....easily bearable.... Another inhale - exhale and the ring was backed through, ball attached and done.

 This technique was repeated on the right nipple....I experienced

more discomfort with the right however, and Tracy explained a possible reason (this also familiar to me from my experience with alternative medicine theory) that the right side is the "male" side of the body....less resilient and more sensitive to pain (and of course in women the opposite is true). This makes intuitive sense.

 Her aftercare instruction, the paper materials given, and her

willingness to be re-contacted with questions again supports her professionalism. I left feeling very informed and knowledgeable about what my role was in the aftercare.

 The final outcome....two elegant piercings, beautiful jewelry, a

fine interactive social experience, education, information, and an enjoyable experience.

To those who are somewhat fearful of nipple piercing (certainly not

BME members or Extreme folks) and the potential discomfort, etc. fear not....find a reliable experienced piercer, ask questions and interact, and the process will be as enjoyable as the outcome.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Aug. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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