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Three nipple rings in left nipple

nipple rings in left nipple

Three nipple rings in left nipple

It started on vacation in florida. My friends were in south beach Miami for a few days. Everybody decide to lay on the beach during the day. I who had beeen sun burnt the day before in Few-West decided to go for a walk . It was cool and I was really enjoying doing whatever I wanted and then it happened. I came across a tattoo and body piercing parlor. The had crossed my mind about tattoo and I had always Known what to get.(the piece I have presently a tripple goddess on my right arm) But that day I was just looking around and really wasn't planning to anything. I want to the show and it was beautifully . They hand a very clean professional look to them and there art work all over the walls(flash). After looking threw a few sheets of flash something caught my eye in the far end of the shop. As I approached I could see that is was a case full of just rings and barbells nothing to fancy but a wide selection of sizes. For whatever reason I couldn't help myself from drooling on myself when see this. But I didn't think I could ever get any piercing done beside from my ears.. So I left the shop.

I want back to met my friends and go change for the evening. Everybody decided to just stay in south MIami beach area and just bar hop. Which fine by me. After dinner we all were walking down the street and wouldn't you know it was the same tattoo place again.(My because it was the exact same street and some mystery street that kept moving on it's own.They all wanted to go in and look around. Ever body had the normal conversation about what the wanted to get down. I want over to counter and started talking to the guy there about nipple a piercing. He was very helpful and willing to tell my everything I needed to know. As I started to fill out the paperwork my friends noticed what I was doing. "what tattoo are you getting done?",they asked I'm not I'm getting my nipple pierced. A little surprised but on that note they have always ecepted what ever I have done. They watched as I took my shirt off and went threw the hole set up. It hurt but waiting for it was must worse. With clean smooth stroke the needle was threw and it was great. I could my blood pumping at full speed. That was everybody need to see at least the majority. My roommate hoped on the band wagon with the thought that it wasn't so bad. He went and got his belly done. Our other friend got a tattoo of a butterfly on the back of her neck. When we were all done we left and went to really enjoy the town.

Three months latter my nipple is completely healed. But ever since that day I had so completely turn on by piercings. I made it a daily rutine to search out whatever I could on the subject including visting other tattoo parlors. That when I came across a tattoo shop with the sign out front which read apprentice wanted. So I went in to apply.

The people there were very friendly and willing to listen. I told them my little story about getting hooked on piercing. In the same breath told them I want to learn how to pierce. They agreed to take me on as an apprentice and to teach me how to pierce and how to tattoo. With out boring you with a day to day I'll get right to it.

It was the night I had to prove that I could pierce. I invited all my friends to shop to be my subjects and by the time the night would be out I will have preformed a dozen piercing and done the majoritie of common areas.

Everything thing went very well and everyone looked great. I was just buzzing with energy and that is when I decide ed to get my nipple pierced two more times. It was amazing first we did the top ,not threw actual nipple like the first one but slightly higher. That went pretty smooth with only slight pain. Then we moved on to the third one . Spaced about thee same distance as the top one from the nipple we pierced the bottom. This hurt more than the other two put together. The skin was tight after the second ring was added it was difficult to get enough skin in the clamp to get a could piercing but we did with a little pain. I actually screamed a little which I didn't do on the first to as the needle popped threw the skin. I was happy. Now they have all healed and look great. I completed my training and now work for that same shop. I'm still learning how to tattoo and will never stop learning about piercing or tattoos. Eventually I will get the other side done the same but for now I'm very pleased with them .

Allan A. Allan40@Juno.com

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Aug. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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