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27 years of piercing

years of piercing

As a way of introduction, let me say that I am 45 years old and have a dozen piercings, and 20 something tattoos. I began getting pierced in the 70's when it was still underground and started with my ear. Then, as most have already stated, became fascinated with National Geographic and Re-Search.

In terms of getting pierced, I have been pierced by all the big names on the coasts and in the midwest. And if I have learned anything, it is that good preparation and knowledge are as important as finding a good piercer. One of the things I have discovered is that the bottom line is the piercing. If you do not ask the correct question, you will not receive the answer you require.

This leads me to several examples. Firstly, when I got my PA, I did research and talked to numerous piercers. Unfortunately, one of the questions I did not think to ask was if I stretch the piercing will it seal itself if I decide to take the jewelry out. So I get the piercing from a professional and after a long spiel regarding aftercare and cleanliness we get to the basics and my preference for larger jewelry. He then eagerly agrees to pierce me with 8 gauge and that there would be no problem in stretching it. Which was all true. Unfortunately, I now have a 2 gauge hole that will not heal after 8 months of the jewelry being out.

Another example, is when I got my frenum, I had it done here in the midwest. At the time, there were very few piercers (like 2). So I went to see a man working out of a local tattoo studio who stated he was trained by a reliable professional I was familiar with and assured me he had done the piercing before. So we proceed. I am sitting with drums beating in my ears in anticipation and then notice that while he is prepping me, his hands are shaking noticeably and he is double checking what he is doing. I then to think to ask how many frenums he has done and he answers, cryptically, "Counting this one?" I responded yes and he then informed me that this is the first one he is doing without supervision.

And as a final example is when I had my nipple pierced, there were even fewer piercers in this area. I had been in contact with a reputable piercing establishment in California. My partner and I read all the material available to us and ordered what we needed. So we set up for the pierce, making sure that everything is clean and accessable. We prep the nipple and my partner is ready to pierce me. She sticks the needle in and I let out a little yelp. She stops. I then tell her loudly to push it through. Which she finally did.

In closing, if I was to give a caution or advice, I would say to be prepared and see a clean safe piercer that you can communicate with. They all do it a little differently. You need to be with someone you feel is being honest and who has experience.

After 27 years, I am happy to say I found mine. Unfortunately, he is in New York. But I always puts that extra zing in our vacations. I cannot wait to see him in December for the pearling.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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