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Nipple Piercing Experience @ Second Skin Leather

ple Piercing Experience @ Second Skin Leather

When I was a junior in highschool I became fascinated with nipple rings as one of the guys I was dating had a small gold nipple ring (it was obviously a self-pierce since the hole was only through the nipple itself and not the underlying tissue). It was intensely erotic and I could cum just by looking at it with very little manual stimulation. The look of gold through his nipple drove me wild and I decided that I too must be the owner of such a regal pierce. My fascination continued throughout my twenties and early thirties. When I was 31 I moved to New Orleans and, finally, decided to have it done.

My piercer was Jay at Second Skin Leather on St. Peter Street in the French Quarter. After going into Second Skin several times and looking at jewelry and contemplating, I finally worked up my nerve and approached Jay about doing the pierce and what would be involved. I instantly felt at ease with this large muscular tattooed pierced man. He was in a word wonderful to look at as well as to talk to. Jay explained all what was involved and invited me up to his studio after we had selected the jewelry. I initially chose a 14 gauge rainbow niobium CBR. We walked up the spiral staircase into Jays piercing studio, I was immediately impressed by the sterility and cleaniliness of the room, all the stainless surfaces and glass were sparkling. Being afraid of the pain aspect of the procedure, I quizzed Jay for several minutes while my jewelry was being autoclaved regarding what it would feel like, he told me that it would hurt but that I was tough. :) (psychology works with me)

After signing all the necessary paperwork and going over aftercare, Jay had me take off my shirt and lay down in his chair. Jay donned the first of many pairs of rubber gloves and began to do measurements and marked the hole. He explained that he would need to go "underneath" the nipple otherwise the piercing would migrate out. He asked me if I was satisfied with the placement and we agreed that it was a good position for it. Jay then swabbed a large area around my nipple with Povidone Iodine and put on the hemostats squeezing them tightly closed. I was laying there shaking, listening to his calming voice, concentrating on what this beautiful man was about to do to me helping me to realize a long sought after dream. Jay told me to relax and everything would be ok. Jay told me to take 3 deep breaths and on the exhale of the third one we would do the pierce. One.... Two.... Three..... RUSH! I experienced what felt at first like a small pin prick which rapidly grew worse as Jay pushed the needle through. Just as I was about to yell for him to stop, I felt a pop and the pierce was through. Jay asked if I was ok and told me it was over. I was shaking and a little light headed at this point but Jay told me to just relax and all would be fine. In a couple of minutes Jay walked over to the autoclave and got out my jewelry and sat it out too cool for a bit while we talked and I relaxed. After changing gloves once again, Jay took out my ring and after applying a small amount of neosporin threaded it onto the needle and pushed it through. Once more a rush, but a minor one as the ring slipped through the fresh pierce. After putting in the bead and letting me admire it for a little bit, he bandaged me up and I got up. Once again we went over aftercare and then we walked downstairs and I paid and said see ya later to Jay. Walking out into the streets of the French Quarter towards the Bourbon Pub, I felt great, I felt like I could do anything, my nipple hurt but the benefits way outweighed any discomfort felt during the pierce or afterwards. I would not trade my nipple pierce for anything.

Aftercare was a breeze and no problem, except that I had the ring changed from niobium to a 12 gauge stainless steel CBR a couple of weeks later.

After I recovered for a few weeks, I got the bug again and had my frenum pierced by Jay, but thats another story.

Thanks for all your professionalism and caring Jay and for being such a HOT man!


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 June 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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