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Nipple Piercing in Alaska

ple Piercing in Alaska

    I had my nipples pierced at Body Piercing Unlimited in Anchorage, AK

last year when I was 17. (Mistake #1 I was not 18.) I'm not exactly sure what drew me to body piercing. Part of it was aesthetic, part of it was rebellious, and part of it was because of the unknown. I had my left nipple pierced and liked it so much that I had my right one done two days later. Both of them were 12ga 5/8" CBRs. This was maybe a little large in hindsight.

    Breath in, breath out, in, out -- OUCH! The piercings caused that

quick, intense pain that everyone mentions, but the pain quickly faded into an endorphin rush.

    The environment at BPU was very hygienic (sp?) and friendly. My new

piercings looked great and felt even better! Just brushing them elicited an orgasmic response that gave me shivers.

    I ended up telling my dad about a week later, since we were going on

vacation to Mexico where I would be on the beach with my shirt off. I should have known that he would totally freak out since he tried to sue the salon at J.C. Penny's for piercing my ears a few months earlier. But I was just a dumb kid. Another factor in this was him dealing with me being gay, which is a whole other story. Not being 18 yet, I was totally under his power, and he forced me to remove them or else I don't know what--definitely no car, money for college, possibly a place to live??

    Mistake #2 was removing the piercings. This was very traumatic for

me emotionally. I felt like I had no control over my body. Throughout the next year I mourned my lost piercings. I had lost a little bit of sensitivity, especially in my left nipple, but if I squeezed them hard enough I could still get that orgasmic response that made me quiver. My left nipple scarred up a little and was tougher than my right; and sometimes I would feel an ache where the piercing used to be. Let me mention that I am also genetically prone to hypertrophic (excessive/raised) scarring

    About two months ago I turned 18, and being my bull-headed Taurean

self I decided to get my nips done again. I was kind of embarrassed after the ordeal at BPU, so I went to a different place in town called Sacred Ritual Studios. Mistake #3. The woman there seemed knowledgeable about health precautions, and sported several piercings herself, but I should have done more research about her. I recently found out that she was an apprentice at BPU for two weeks before she was fired for doing an unauthorized piercing. Translation: very little training.

    The moment the needle went in, I had a feeling that something was

wrong. It was not the same smooth sharp clean feeling I experienced the first time. The piercer moved kind of slowly, and it was very painful. I was crying, and my boyfriend held my hand. The second one hurt even more so. If you ask me, getting repierced hurts like a bitch!

    I am very dissatisfied with my new piercings, which I have had for

six weeks, mainly because of the placement. They are very deep, and are crooked because the woman did not take care that my nipples would rotate when erect. Both of them point down and inward, the right one more than the left.

    I could get that orgasm feeling by poking them with my fingernails,

or just mentally focusing on them, but it wasn't as easy as it used to be. And about two weeks ago it stopped even doing that as the piercings started to toughen up.

    My aftercare has been pretty good--no infections whatsoever. I used

a little tea tree oil diluted in lavender to soothe them. Sometimes I have soaked with this diluted echinacea and goldenseal fluid you are supposed to take for colds. It has burdock and other good stuff in it to help detoxify. It is alcohol based, but diluted I don't think it really matters. I would recommend it. The first two times I used it all this nasty white crap came out.

    Anyway, for the past few days my left nipple has been getting very

achy to the point that I can't focus on anything else. I'm not sure if it is the old scar tissue or the new piercing or both. And my right nipple which is more crooked has a sore lymph node. I've been obsessing about my tits so much that it is sick, but I can't help it--I am constantly aware of them!

    I feel like I got more of a pain in the ass than I bargained for.

Cleaning twice a day combined with throbbing pain and soreness, occasional tightness, lack of sensitivity, and the fact that they are crooked. I have heard that you can get bad days once a month or so, but I feel like I've had more than my share. Maybe I'm being a wuss, but I wouldn't call all this stuff pleasureable.

    At this point I am strongly contemplating removing my jewelery. I'm

sure it will help them heal faster. My only hope is that the throbbing pain will go away or at least be mitigated. But the part that sucks is that the damage has already been done. There's nothing I can really do to regain the feelings except for wait for the healing process. Nerves don't really grow back.

    The first time I got pierced was kind of a rebellion thing, and I

was very traumatized when I was forced to remove them. The second time I was trying to recreate the good feelings I had before as well as prove my independence. It proved impossible to recreate the first experience--you only get one real chance to do it right. I feel now that I've lost sight of what the piercings originally meant to me, and that I can be complete without them. I love myself with or without these damn rings and so do other people. I think I'm going to have some sort of ceremony with my boyfriend and other people close to me. Having some sort of closure to this ordeal will help me heal from past emotional trauma and move on.

    I'm not totally put off to body piercing, but I think my tits have

had enough. I hope somebody will learn from this. Make sure you wait until you are 18 and COMPLETELY check out your piercer's experience and training.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 June 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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