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Nipple at Piercology

ple at Piercology

Nipple at Piercology

How to begin? Well, I've been contemplating getting a nipple piercing for a long time. I put it off for a variety of reasons, I guess, too busy, low cash flow, healing a tattoo in the same region (with the very different care required, I wanted to heal the tattoo fist...), and perhaps, more than a little apprehension. Well, today was the day!!!
Finals were over last week, I'll be taking some vacation time next week, so I finally did it.

I had my last tattoo and cartilidge ear piercing done at Viking Studio here in Columbus, and didn't have the best overall experience. No physical problems with anything, but they are NOT the most customer service oriented place I've ever been to (FOUR MONTHS from the time I brough in my design until I finally had the damn thing finished!!!) Not real freindly either. Nobody's is as cool as they are, just ask 'em. SO! I had already decided that I was going elsewhere for this piercing. I did some checking on the net and found the APP page, checked the listings and found one that was in town. I figured that since i didn't have any other reccommendations, I would check them out. At least they have to use proper sterilization techniques, or least know what they are! I had seen the shop in another on-line faq sheet that said they were very gay-bi-lesbian friendly (I'm bi-, if that matters), which made me more comfortable. Some other places I've looked into have had WAY to much testosterone in the air for me to feel comfortable.

Lunch out first, butterflies are already starting. When we find the place, I'm a little leary; it's in the basement of another store (what they sold I couldn't tell you!). But once we got to the bottom of the stairs, it looked fine. Right away they were so friendly!! The guy (I am so bad at names, I'm practically disabled) first asked who was gettig pierced (I raised my hand with a smile)then asked what piercing, tongue? navel? When I said nipple, he seemed a little excited, "Oh, good! Something a little different!" (I look REALLY normal, nothing but a bunch of ear piercings) I had originally planed on getting a CBR, but they were out (apparently, they'd had a ton of people the week before getting both nips done) of 14 and 12 gauge rings large enough for female nipples, so I chose a 14 gauge, 5/8", SSS circular barbell (I don't care much for the colored niobium, call me a purist!). Showed id (quite flattering, I'll be 29 in weeks!), signed the release forms, and sat down to wait. My fiancee picked up a book off the little coffee table and started thumbiong through it. He's much more of a tattoo person, and he QUICKLY put the book back ;-}

The piercing! Tori (her name is on my receipt, that's the only way I know that what it is!) called me (by name off the sheet, nice personal touch!) into the small piercing room. Very clean. She told me what was going to happen, asked how much I had heard about this piercing, and just really put me at ease. When I told her about reading about it on BME, she knew what I was talking about (that impressed me, piercer AND in touch with the internet). Cleaned the nipple, marked each side (this took awhile), then it was time. (BTW, she changed gloves three times during this whole proceedure) The clamp was pretty uncomfortable, and the piercing TIME was longer that I expected. I'm laying there, trying to breathe, thinking, push!!! Hurry!!! Needle in, clamp off. Now, jewelry in. Almost in, she stopped to do something (I am a little fuzzy at this point!) then pushed the ring through the last outside layer. Whew! Adjusts the ring a little, and puts on the bead. Now, at this point, I am feeling spacey, but there is no longer any sensation in my nipple. Nothing. She cleaned of the little bit of blood and put something on it that was supposed to stop the burning (I wasn't feeling any, but hey, why not?). Initialed off on the release forms and headed out, holding my t-shirt so it wouldn't touch (due to swelling, the ring is sticking out).

Well, we usually, do the grocery shopping on Sat. afternnoon. Should have changed that schedule this week! I'm spacey, walking through the grocery store, holding my shirt, and that's when it starts to burn. And throb. I am seriously uncomfortable here! I couldn't wait to get home, take off my shirt, get the pain killers going, and stop moving (that ring bounces with every step or bump in the road) Getting this done in the future? Allow a little down time afterwards.

After 600 mg of ibuprofen and a few beers, it feels a lot better. Getting pierced in Columbus, Ohio? I highly recommend Piercology (that's all they do!). Friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. Kudos to those of you who get both done in one sitting!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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