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My nipple expansion plan

nipple expansion plan

My nipple expansion plan

I guess that like many people I've blown 'hot and cold' about having my nipples pierced -- and it's only now that I'm really into serious nipple piercings, as well as other foreskin and scrotum piercings.

My first nipple piercings were in 1990; I started with a meagre 1.6mm circular ring through each nipple, which I rapidly took to 2.5mm then 3.3mm rings. They were just great and made my nipples ultra sensitive (even worse than before!). Then I decided to go on holiday to the Cayman Islands, and I realised on the first day of walking along Seven Mile Beach that having rings through your nipples just was not on! So on the second night I took them out, thinking - foolishly - that I would put them straight back in when I got back to England.

What a foolish thing to think, because the holes had virtually sealed up and despite whatever I tried the rings just would not go back in. So I gave up, but the urge to get them re-pierced was too strong, so in the middle of 1991 I got the piercings done again.

This time I started with 2.5mm bars - but things didn't turn out as expected, as I fell ill in Zambia and had to have a triple bypass -- and as the surgeon in South Africa said, such 'jewellry' was not a good idea when being operated on. So there is always a funny side to life!

Six years later and in blossoming health, and now very fit, I decided to get not just my nipples done, but my foreskin and scrotum. But this time the fear of the pain of being pierced seemed much stronger than before. Anyway, I know an expert piercer in England, and he arranged to come to my apartment to do the first nipple piercing. I had two 2.6mm bars put through the nipples, this time set very deep behind the nipples. This has the effect of leaving all the nipple available for 'playing' - but also for me meant that I could have more nipple piercings. I also have quite prominent nipples - at least half an inch before any piercings were done.

After a month I had what I call major nipple work done: my impatience to get everything done at once overrode any sensible ideas! So the piercer changed my two 2.6mm bars and put in two larger 4.0mm bars. Wow, they looked good. But this was only stage one. Thankfully full anaesthetic was used, otherwise I don't think I could have gone through with the complete proceedure. I've always liked the idea of prominent nipples, so behind the 4.0mm bars I had the previous 2.6mm bars inserted vertically behind the new piercings. Although there was no sensation in the nipples at the time, I kept on looking at my new piercings and thinking "at last"! To finish the proceedure my piercer then inserted a very tight circular ring (1.6mm) in front of the horizontal 4.0mm bar.

It's both erotically pleasing as well as genuinely attractive to look at my nipples -- with three piercings in each nipple with a total width of metal coming to 8.2mm!

I'm very squeamish -- the sight of blood fills me with horror -- but I was determined to have my foreskin and scrotum pierced. It took me a long time to decide to do this, but now I don't know what stopped me. Also I wanted my foreskin piercing to start with a large ring - why I'm not sure but there you are. So with gritted teeth and a lot of perspiration I submitted myself to the piercers hands. Strangely I hardly felt a thing -- although I was very worried if this one went wrong. My piercer had brought back some larger sized needles to do what I wanted, which meant that I am now the proud possessor of 2 x 5mm rings through each side of the foreskin. The weight of them is enough to cause a minor amount of stretching of the foreskin, which at 1" overhang was good anyway.

Finally I have three rings on either side of my scrotum; unfortunately they do not have the same excitement for me as my other piercings, but I hope that feeling will change!

As to my next piercings I am planning on a PA, even though I'm uncut, as I've always wanted to have the possibility of having a Wand inserted.

I'll keep everyone at BME advised as to my progress.

Thank you for a great site.


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 June 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019 @12:15 a.m.
Great and crazy story, quite a bit old, but still commenting.

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