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My First Piercing Experience (Nipples)

First Piercing Experience (Nipples)

My First Piercing Experience (Nipples)

In the 11th grade I pierced my left nipple with a heated up safety pin. I rubbed ice on my nipple and sprayed cloraseptic to numb it as much as possible. I just pretty much jabbed the safety pin through. This baby lasted one night before going the way of the Edsel due to extreme pain. But since that day, I always knew I wanted my nipples pierced. A few years later, in college, I discovered BME, and began reading about the wonderful erotic and aesthetic benefits to piercing. My mind was made up, but not my pocketbook. Just this past January, I had a wonderful financial windfall, and could make my dreams come true. To celebrate my complete financial independence, I decided to get a tattoo of the word "choice" around my ankle. Then, two days later, on my 20th birthday, I went and got my nipples pierced.

I had been to the Body Work Productions in Cleveland before, talking to

the owner about a possible apprenticeship, so I had seen the shop and met the regular piercer. Funny enough, I really wasn't all that nervous in the waiting room. I had seen many pictures and read many experiences, so I knew pretty much what to expect, procedurewise, and that kept me calm. My friend who was with me to watch was much more nervous than I, and he was staying piercing-free!

So I sat down on the table, got marked, stood up, got marked again,etc.

The thing that struck me most about this portion of the procedure was how much Oed, the piercer, kept talking to me to keep me calm. He was amazing, and put me completely at ease, right up to the moment of truth, which came much later than I had expected.

I laid there, clamped and ready, concentrating on my breathing, just

like he said. On one exhale, I felt a quick, sharp pain, but by the time by brain realized I was in pain, it was over. Jewelry in, OJ in hand, all before I could satisfy my uncontrollable giggles. That first one was (relatively) easy.

The second one, however, was much worse. I had time to use up all my

endorphins, relax, and ponder the second one, but just barely. Before I knew it I was reclined, and he was telling me to take a deep breath. Not that I felt rushed or anything. My brain was just doing weird things, and I think any amount of time would have been to short for me to be ready. Just as I had suspected. It was miserable. But once again, damn quick. I dragged myself home and slept the rest of my birthday away, concentrating on the beat of the stereo to keep my mind off the lingering pain.

I have since received four more piercings (scrumper, PA, tongue web, and

upper spinal), all of which were quite painless compared to my nipples. Getting my nipples done first, and having both of them done on the same day was a wise decision. I love all my piercings, but these two set the stage, and have kept me in love with the art of the body.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 June 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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