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Angel's Nipple Piercing

el's Nipple Piercing

I'd been interested in piercings for a long time, ever since I first saw local kids going to school with their noses pierced and their ears lined with studs and rings. I was pretty young then and didn't really think there was anything else that could be pierced. Then I remember watching some talk show or another where the subject was about "freaks" or something to that effect. I watched as the audience groaned and laughed and ridiculed some of the most beautiful people I'd ever seen, who talked about their piercings in their faces, tongues, nipples, and genitalia. It was then that I decided that I wanted to be look like them.

I started off getting a nosering, lying on a consent form about my age. It was my 16th birthday and I was spending the summer in New York City on a college course program. Which brings up another thing. I was never a person where one would suspect that I enjoyed piercings, tatoos, etc. In fact, I always looked like one of those Asian goody-goodies, honor roll student, conservative dressing, church goer on the straight and narrow path. I still do in fact, outside of the little stud in my nose (which is very tasteful, I think, and my only facial piercing, for reasons I will go into later.) But in any case, I am not on the straight and narrow, conventionally speaking. I get a private thrill and a sense of accomplishment with every new piercing I get. Even now I am saving up for my next one, and hopefully, one day I'll be able to get enough money together to get a tatoo spanning across my back.

In any case, back to my piercings. I had my nosering for about a year. When my mother first saw it, she asked if it was some sort of sticker that had come into fashion. I said yes and stuck with the story for three months before my mother figured out that stickers do not stay on one's nose for that long. I got hell, stuck it out and finally my family just had to accept it. (Though even today, six years later, I still gets snide comments about it, but I still think it's lovely.)

Unfortunately, I lost the nose ring about a year after getting it. I was on vacation in Vermont lost the stud in my sleep (I don't wear a backing because it's such a pain to put in,) couldn't find any shops that were open because it was a Sunday, and long story short, by the time I got a hold of a stud, the hole had closed.

A couple years went by and I didn't get anything done, either because I couldn't get to a trusted piercing shop (I'm a little paranoid about going to little out of the way places because I've heard one too many horror stories,) or because of lack of funds.

Then, in past couple of years, I've moved into New York City and got a job, which opened the doors to my love of BM again. I got my nose redone, and went on to get my ears done with a couple of piercings and my tongue done as well. I had decided not to get any more piercings on my face, mainly because I work as a student school teacher, and it would, 1) be too unusual for the school and the school board to have a teacher with anything more than a nose ring, 2) cause behavior problems with certain students who aren't used to/grossed out by that sort of thing, and 3) cause problems with certain parents. Fortunately, my nose ring is subtle enough to escape any major objections.

My most recent one is my nipple ring. I only got one done, as opposed to both, because I felt bad about spending all that money at once on getting them both done. Money, unfortunately, is still something I've got to watch over carefully. The place I went to was called Andromeda on St. Mark's Place in the East Village. The girl who did it for me, I forgot the name of, but she was very helpful about the whole thing. I asked some questions about breastfeeding in the future, the healing time, wearing bras, and other practical things. I asked if she had her nipples pierced, which she did, and how she felt about them, how the piercing felt compared to other piercings and how many piercings she'd done before.

After our little question and answer session, I asked her if I could have it done right there and she said yes. First, I was led to the back where my nipple was measured with some sort of gauge. Based on the measurement, a CBR was chosen for me and I was led to a little room. The room had one of those leather bound paper covered recliner things you find in the doctor's office. It was also filled with jars of packaged needles, rubber gloves, packaged clamps, alcohol and iodine swabs, corks and I don't know what else. I was told to sit down on a chair and to take my shirt off. She then started taking out all the instruments she needed, telling me as she went along what they were and pointing out that they were all being freshly ripped out of the package to ensure that they were being used for the first time, and would be thrown out after we were done. Her hands were safely tucked away in latex gloves and the whole enviroment was just very clean and sanitary. In fact, I had bought a new tongue ring on this visit and she wouldn't even let me change the new barbell myself, in case I got saliva on my hands and I accidentally touched something in the room and got my saliva all over it. She ended up changing it for me and immediately put on mew gloves after she was finished. This of course made me feel very safe as to the cleanliness of the place.

When all of that was out of the way, my nipple was swabbed with iodine and alcohol for disinfection and marked with a Sharpie marker for the piercing. Before everything she did, my piercer told me what she was going to do, how it was going to feel and why she was doing it. She made me very relaxed and I had total trust in her. I checked in a mirror to make sure the marks were okay. We made some adjustments and I sat back down. We were ready.

She then ripped open a package with the clamps, tied a rubber band around it for tension and clamped my nipple. It was cold, a little uncomfortable, and I felt a little tingly pain, but nothing excruciating. In fact, I kind of liked the feeling. In any case, she then took a cork and placed it on one side of my nipple and positioned the needle on the other side. I was told to breathe in deeply. . . and out. In again. . . and out. And on the second "out" the needle went in. I watched the whole thing. I was mesmerized really. I couldn't take my eyes off of the whole process. I felt as if I was disengaged from my nipple, an outsider looking in. It hurt a little, not much. It was like an extra hard pinch, and then it was over, a little sore, but that was it. There was no blood, no nothing. She slipped the ring on, which I didn't even feel and popped the bead in.

That was yesterday. Since then it's been a little sore, but nothing more. I normally don't wear a bra, but I've found that if I do, it relieves the sensitivity a lot more because it keeps then from jiggling too much. There was a little blood crusted around the edge of the piercings that night, but it was easily cleaned off, and today there was a little crusty stuff there, but again, nothing to get upset over. Overall, I'm happy with my new piercing. My boyfriend thinks body piercings are gross and he doesn't like that I did it without his knowing, but I know he loves me, and it is my body, so there isn't much he can do about it. Besides, I wouldn't want to be with anyone who can't respect the fact that I am my own person, and who can't see past the surface.

It seems that everyone around me who is close to me hates piercings, finds them ugly or strange or gross. But the fact that I continue and persist in getting them says something about me, and the love and fascination I have for them. So for those of you who find yourselves surrounded by people who's minds are closed to the beauty of piercings, don't listen to them! They are beautiful and you are beautiful and will continue to be, if not more so after getting your piercing(s). Follow what you believe in, not others, and pursue your dreams, because no one out there will do that for you.


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 June 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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