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Nipple Experience

t's been two weeks since Jason pierced my nipples. They are healing great following his instructions. I am on a vitamin regimen using a good natural multivitamin and one zinc tab three times a day with food. I also started taking a chromium suppliment, but not for the healing. I alternate days between neosporin and betadine. I get very little crud at the openings of the piercing, but use a saline wash to loosen it before running in the betadine and neosporin. (there goes my wife's contact lens saline....grin).

Every couple of days I take a long soaking bath with my nipples under water and clean the nippes with Hibiclens, otherwise I use Ivory soap as reccomended by Jason as it has no perfumes and such. Following the piercer's advice is wise, not following is stupid, and as I observed before elswhere, stupid people shouldn't breathe.

In the two weeks since the piercing, I have had time to reflect on the experience, and although it took but seconds, I have found many fleeting impressions from that short intense moment. To me it was an incredibly "bonding" and intimate moment. As Jason clamped my nipple with the forceps my sense of the people in the room disappeared and all my attention was centered on what Jason was doing. The moment the needle touched my skin all of my attention and most of my awareness was focused on the piercing. Jason and I were on another plane, seperate from the world. Nothing existed but him, me and the needle. Once the piercing was done and Jason moved the needle through to follow it with the jewelry, the room returned and I found all of these freinds in a tribal sort of setting, beaming at me. It was a sort of right of passage I guess. Later I realized that I was aware of their presence the whole time in feelings of encouragement that were received non-verbally. It was a very strange and beautiful experience. Much more intense than in a sterile shop sort of setting. The second nipple was a duplicate of the first experience, completed just minutes before.

The first piercing was deep, in the brown area around the teat itself, passing behind the teat. The second, my right nipple, was through the teat itself, as Jason couldn't grip it as well, or it wouldn't pull forward as much, due to the difference in my nipples. The sensation was different, it was harder to pass the needle through. By the time we were done, I was in a truly altered state of mind, much like, but less intense than ones experienced by fakhirs or Indians doing an O-Kee-Pa. Now I can glimpse why the primitives did such things. It was quite beyond me when I first saw A Man Called Horse.

When Jason finished there was a palpable feeling of closeness with everyone present, but with Jason and I we were slightly "higher" than the rest of the group, although I could read on their faces that it was an emotional experience for them all.

I don't know if my impressions are unique to me, or if others have felt the same things, too. Thanks for listening.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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