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Male Nipple @ The Luv Bead

ecember 26, 1997

After much contemplation, I decided to go and get my right nipple pierced. Some people may not view this as a big decision, but for me, it was. It was May, and I had just come back from a vacation with my best friend, and she told me to go for it. My partner did not object. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow, but didn't object. So I decided to do it. I first went to Things Medieval in Norman, OK, on the recommendation of several friends (and a local news report on an OKC television station, which did a report on the body piercing "craze" sweeping Oklahoma, featuring this shop). I felt really uncomfortable there after talking to the shop owner and piercer, so I changed my mind at the last minute, chickening out. Sigh.

In the next few months, I thought more about it. I saw an advertisement for a piercing place in Oklahoma City in a local gay publication and decided to try again. I knew that I'd want a few days off tonurse my new "wound" in case something bad happened (hey, I didn't know what to expect!), so I decided to wait until Thanksgiving vacation. The week before Thanksgiving, I called and made an appointment for the next Tuesday afternoon. That gave me five recovery days. I was so anxious, I arrived 30 minutes early. I apologized profusely, but the piercer, Mariah, smiled and told me not to worry about it. We spent the next several minutes going through information and literature about the piercing itself and she helped me select the proper jewelry. I told her that I had done nothing like this before, and that I was very nervous. She did her best to put all of my fears to rest. She was extremely friendly, and her attitude exuded a sense of calmness and serenity. She explained everything that she would do, talking me through the piercing procedure step by step. She unwrapped the sterilized instruments in my presence, taking every opportunity to show me how meticulous she was. When I commented how clean and thoroughly organized her piercing room was, she told me that the State Health Department inspectors told her on their last visit that her parlor was more sterilized and cleaner than most dentists' offices (which perhaps should have me worried about my dentist...). The bottom line is that she took every precaution to insure cleanliness and sterility.

First, she sterilized the nipple area with betadine. Then, she carefully examined my nipple and chest, looking at me from the front and side, before marking (with a sterilized pen, of course) where to insert the needle. Then, she asked me to lie down. At this moment, a little panic started to settle in. I realized that this time, I really was going through it. I remember thinking that this was going to hurt like hell- when I had asked the inevitable question- "Does it hurt a lot?"- Mariah smiled and responded that she'd be lying to me if she said no. She placed the clamp on my nipple, and told me to take a deep breath, then exhale slowly. I didas instructed, and while I was exhaling, she inserted the needle. It did, indeed, hurt, but it was a pain like I hadn't experienced before. It hurt from within, not from the surface. And it was sharp. I focused on keeping my chest still and not jerking (can we spell disaster?), not wanting to find out what would happen if I moved even a millimeter. Within seconds, Mariah told me that she was finished. I looked down, and there was a ring in my nipple. It looked bizarre, yet so cool.

I was proud of myself! I had done something that I didn't think I actually could pull off. For me, getting my nipple pierced wasn't something that I did to prove anything to someone. I did it for two reasons. First and foremost, I find nipple play during sex to be extremely erotic, and I wanted to see if I could heighten the excitement by feeling tugging and pressure from within my nipple as well as at the surface. Second, I wanted to see if I actually could go through with it. The second reason was fulfilled as soon as I looked down at my angry, yet freshly pierced nipple. The first would remain to be seen. (Time told me that, after the initial soreness wore off, and I began to get more secure in my piercing, it did open new doors in the bedroom!)

Mariah had advised me to use an antibacterial soap containing triclosan to clean the piercing. For the first six weeks, she insisted that I clean it twice a day. After that, clean it daily, usually in the shower. I followed her instructions to the letter, and didn't have one problem with infection or the piercing itself. The initial puffiness and tenderness disappeared within a few days. There were times during those first two weeks that my nipple felt like it was on fire when I used the soap, but that soon passed. Eventually, the pain during cleaning ceased, and I could easily and effortlessly slide the soapy ring through the piercing to clean it well.

It has now been a little more than a year since I got my right nipple pierced. I've decided to go back to getmy left nipple pierced, and I guess we'll see where that leads me in the future! I've been told that piercing can become habit-forming. As a concluding statement- if anyone in Central Oklahoma is considering getting a piercing, I would whole-heartedly recommend visiting Mariah at the Luv Bead in Oklahoma City. She is wonderful!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1998
in Nipple Piercing

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