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Nipple Piercing at Two Feathers

ple Piercing at Two Feathers

It's been over a year now since I got into real body piercing (meaning other than ears) and I thought it about time to post an experience to you, my first piercing (other than my 5 ear lobe piercings) was my left nipple. I had been thinking about getting it done for some time and researched it as much as possible, which means that I asked the only other person I knew had a nipple piercing what it's like and checked the local piercing places. Living in Perth Wester Australia we have a choice of several and after checking them all out decided on Two Feathers Body Piercing, the reason I chose this studio is that the piercer Marc Pinto was friendly and willing to answer any questions and also offered to show us the piercing room and equipment, which we accepted. As far as I am concerned this is the best piercing studio in Perth and urge anyone interested to go there.

Anyway back to the pierce 3 days later when the time came I drove to the studio accompanied by my girlfriend and two other friends one of which was also getting pierced. Anyway we went inside and mark greeted us and we chatted for a bit and then came the time to choose the jewelry after a long think I settled on a 16ga purple niobium cbr. A few moments later and I was in the chair, Marc was explaining everything that he was doing, this put me at ease, he then showed me how to breath to relax and when I was ready clamped my nipple (which I didn't feel) and when the moment was right pushed the needle through into the cork. I looked down and saw the cork and the needle and said "cool", a few seconds later the ring was in the piercing and my journey had begun.

The rest of the story is Marc gave me the after care instructions before the pierce on a sheet of paper when I signed the consent form, and the pain was the most intense heat for a few seconds (it's quite an interesting feeling).

Anyway that was the start I now have both nipples pierced and stretched to 12ga, a 14ga navel pierce, a frenum 12 ga and a 14ga cartilage piercing and I am looking forward to getting a toung piercing and a PA and many others.

Thanks for reading.......


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 May 1997
in Nipple Piercing

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