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Spontaneous Tongue Web Piercing!

So I'm a piercing addict. Ever since I started boarding school, I sometimes get the urge to be a bit 'NAUGHTY' and piercings was the way to go for me! Before I got my tongue pierced that fateful day, I had 3 helix and 2 lobe piercings and a conch in my left ear, and 1 right lobe piercing. I've got double belly rings and that was the extent of my piercings.

My brother's friend was a MAJORLY pierced person. And one day we were chatting and she showed me her tongue web ring. The image stuck with me until I decided I'm going to go get it done, as I didn't want to regret not getting it done when I can but I couldn't ever gear myself up enough to actually get it done!

So I've toyed with the idea for a couple of months now and I was having lunch with my friend one day and I realized that I have enough money on me for the tongue web piercing. I said to my friend 'Should I get it done?' and she said 'Hell YES!' and immediately we set off to KuKwai House.(This is what's great about going with an encouraging friend - if you feel scared, they will make you do it anyways therefore you won't regret not getting it done!)

The main thing was that it was so spontaneous, I had NO TIME to be scared!

I sat down, said what I wanted to get and waited. KKH had previous done my inverse navel piercing and I knew I was in good hands, as they also have been in the piercing business for over 10 years. Winnie used a needle with a plastic tube attached to it and put on some latex gloves so to make sure the barbell won't slip too easily when she puts it in my new piercing!

I opened my mouth, and after she checked she wouldn't hit any veins, she pierced it.

It was a strange (NOT painful) tugging sensation. Not uncomfortable at all, in fact I was smiling the whole time because I was thinking 'Yayers, I get a fucking hardcore kickass piercing and it doesn't even hurt AT ALL!' Whilst she was piercing, I kept my mouth as WIDE as possible and kept the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth. If you are completely inable to hold your tongue still, especially under pressure, this piercing may not be for you as you really do have to be able to hold your tongue still.

Winnie pulled the needle until the plastic tube was in the piercing, then snipped the end off and inserted the black barbell I had chosen. We chose a barbell over a CBR because rings could affect healing whilst bars reduce the pressure on the piercing- If there is too much pressure on the tongueweb piercing, it can migrate REALLY easily. Afterwards, I had no trouble chatting a LOT to my friend, except I had to take breaks because my tongue would get tired, and eating was slightly strange because the two beads on the ends feel like 2 grains of rice, so I'd run my tongue to try and push it out but it'd actually be the barbell!

After 2 days, it was no longer awkward, I got used to the bar and I forget it's even there! Once I switched it to a longer curved bar, I could play with it between my teeth but soon I changed it back to an emerald-green shorter barbell, as I didn't want to wear away my teeth. You can tell when it's healed because your tongue web just wouldn't feel that vulnerable and tender after a couple of weeks. Then you can play with it as much as you want (Not too much though, otherwise it can migrate!)

Aftercare includes brushing my teeth after every meal and mouthwash to follow. After about 3 months or when it was definitely healed, I relaxed this to brushing twice a day but still using mouthwash after every meal, as this piercing is a PLAQUE MAGNET! When you first start cleaning, invest in some good tweezers so you can hold onto the barbell gently whilst you brush it slightly with your toothbrush. This stops the plaque from building up too much, as it really is DIS-GUSTING when you show it to people and it's coated in a shell of white plaque. Make sure you get alcohol-free mouthwash and dilute it about 50-50 or even 75alcohol-25water. What I do is after I swish it around a lot, I'll press the tip of my tongue to the roof of my mouth so that the piercing is in direct contact with the mouthwash, so it can zap any bad bacteria in the piercing.

SO ANYONE THINKING OF GETTING IT DONE - GO for It! Run! Now! Literally NO PAIN but you gain this beautiful unique piercing. And you lover can play with it when you kiss =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Winnie
Studio: KuKwai+House
Location: Hong+Kong

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