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My DIY tongue web experience!

Okay, so, it all started when i was about 13. I had just one piercing in each lobe, and wanted more. So i got a second hole, a couple of years later, got a third one. And slowly over the past couple of years I've desperately wanted to get pierced, somewhere not very common.

I'm a person who tends to enjoy being different sometimes. And i wanted a piercing that was different. So after reading a bunch of stories on here, I got my smiley pierced. But that's another post.

So one day, I come across a picture of a girl with her tongue web pierced. And I couldn't stop looking at it. It was unique, I dont think I had ever seen a tongue web piercing before that. I didn't really think of it on me though. Mainly because I was scared of the pain I guess. However , I read alot of experiences about it, and realised it didn't look so painful. And the thought grew and grew. And before I knew it, I WANTED a tongue web piercing.

Anyway, it was about a month since my first DIY piercing, and everything went smoothly. I felt like I did enough research, like I sterilised everything well, like I knew what I was doing when it came to DIY piercings.( and oh boy, i was wrong. )

So after watching some videos, and looking at some pictures, I looked in the mirror to inspect my tongue web, and head to the bathroom.

I was feeling VERY nervous , I had heard that if I hit a nerve it could paralyse my tongue, and other horror stories. Being the stubborn little girl I am, I decided to go for it anyway.

I used a 18 (or 20?) gauge earring. The ones that they put in the guns to pierce your ear. I figured since it looked quite sharp , it might pierce easier. I sterilised everything, including my mouth with Listerine ( which apparently isn't a great idea, but I knew nothing about sea salt soaks and couldn't get any at the time).

I poked around my tongue web, trying to find a place that didn't feel like it pinched alot. Eventually i found a spot that i was OK with and went ahead and pushed the earring through. Oh dear, my tongue web is oh so stretchy. It would do the tent effect instead of piercing through, and already feeling faint and scared, I took the earring out.

2nd try. I went back on the same spot and pushed. Half way in. I was feeling horribly nervous, but I decided I've wanted this for a long time , even if this is going to hurt, I might as well just get it done with. And I pushed really hard. POP . went right through. Wow, that barely felt like a pinch!

I kept the earring in because I was scared of changing it. I rinsed my mouth after every meal. My tongue web was swollen for a few days. And was just a bit sore for the first couple of days, making it a little hard to talk or eat without it hurting, but it really was minimal pain. Nothing too bad.

When I felt it was starting to heal , about a week afterwards ( too early, I know) I decided to change the jewelery and put in a 16g straight barbell. a really tiny one. I was a little scared since it was a gauge too big, but I remembered going from a 18 gauge to a 16 with my smiley, with no problems.

So I went ahead and sterilised everything again, including my mouth, and changed the jewelry. Oh dear , screwing the tiny little balls on was so hard and slippery. It took a WHILE. My jaw was starting to ache for having it open for so long, and i was drooling all over, which i found quite funny yet annoying. Finally , i got them on, and wow, it truly looked beautiful to me. I absolutely LOVED it.

The healing went pretty well, I looked up information about aftercare online, tried to follow what I thought were proper guidelines, and fortunately everything healed up well.

It's been about 2 months. And I've begun to play with it alot, putting the ball of the barbell between my teeth, moving it around, etc. It's even become subconcious. I don't always realise I'm doing it till someone points it out or I snag it too hard with my teeth.

I recently inspected it in the mirror to see how it was going, and am actually so surprised at how shallow it is. It should've been much more in the back. It's so much in the front, to the point that I'm scared it rips out. I've snagged too hard on it a couple of times by accident, and it hurt a bit, almost felt like it was ripping out. So im trying to be careful now. Hopefully I can keep it in as long as possible . ):

The reactions I've gotten when people have looked at my piercing were PRICELESS. Some people contemplated it admiringly, while others screamed in horror. Either way, it was very amusing to watch reactions of people .

Anyway, I would recommend anyone to do proper research before getting this piercing done, and going to a REPUTABLE piercer, and not doing any DIY piercings, cause you could end up with an infection , or the piercing could be badly placed like mine, and may eventually rip out. A piercer's worth the money sometimes.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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