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A Five Year Whim

College is about growth, decisions, both good and bad. When I turned eighteen I had gone to a random piercer in Orlando and had my eyebrow pierced. Two months later the piercing had grown out and left a scar, to this day small children run up to me and point out their chicken pox scars in relation to the eye brow mark I bear.

Two years after the failed eyebrow piercing I was entertaining the idea of a tongue piercing. I honestly don't know what appealed so much about the piercing, but my junior year in college I was in between classes with my roommate of three years. I had fifty five minutes prior to the start of my next class and mentioned to her I wanted to get my tongue pierced. It only took about two minutes of convincing and we were then running to the car to make it to the nearest piercer we could find. It happened to be Electric Lady, near mid-town, off of St. Charles. Perhaps not the most prestious institution of piercing, it was a tatoo parlor that we knew would at least do piercings.

I shant blasphmy any of the pre-Katrina businesses that did not make it through the storm... however, if given the option to do it again I think I would have chosen elsewhere. The procedure was relatively painless, especially since I had failed to take any pain killers prior to the piercing. I do remember the heavily tatoo'd guy stradling my leg. Being a lesbian it was more disturbing than enjoyable, but the guy was quick.

The strongest memory I did have was how quickly my tongue swelled. A wonderful piece of advice that I recieved, that I feel most people don't these days, is to replace the piercing bar within a month or more with a shorter more snug bar. This saves the enamel of the teeth. The instantious swelling of the tongue forces the piercer to have to use a larger bar.

I didn't make it back to class that day, even though my roommate and I tried. I recall weeks of mouth wash, and I refused to give up smoking, even if it delayed the healing time of the piercing. Instead of going to class, my roommate and I were busy trying to drink water and letting it drool down my face, or having me say random phrases that came out as random spitting.

I do have a very strong negative memory associated with this piercing. After having the bar for about two weeks, and the swelling had gone away, I bit down so hard on the ball that to this day I can't eat sour cream and onion chips without shuttering. Luckily, I didn't chip my teeth like other people I've known, but the emotional scar is still there. I almost took out the piercing then and there.

Having my tongue pierced was the only piercing I had during my entire college career. I now have over eleven in my ears. I finally removed the piercing almost eight years after I initially got it because the balls were slipping through the original piercing in my tongue. I could have gotten larger balls for each end of the bar, but figured it was time to retire the piercing. I constantly would have my dentist assess my enamel and make sure it was not rubbing anywhere. I was lucky, I was careful to pay attention to my bars and balls and did not suffer any damage to my teeth.

Funnier memories of the tongue piercing included my twenty first birthday. I was still living in the dorms and the fire alarm went off. I was startled out of my sleep and by the time I got downstairs I realized I had swallowed my tongue ring. I still had my piercing bar and replaced it (painfully) twenty minutes after swallowing. I was back at the piercer the next day getting better jewerly. (I found the bar and balls I had swallowed about three days later in my toliet). Word to the wise though, the tongue heals quickly. Removing the bar, even for a short time, allows the tongue to begin the healing process and you may have to slightly tear a bit to get it back into place. Also, a straight hole seems so easy to get a bar back through, but for some reason it always proved a challenge. That and tighting the piercing.

My tongue piercing provided constant entertainment and became a staple to play with when I was thinking. I realized that over time few people even noticed I had the piercing, just how naturally I talked with it. I will be honest, there was no noticable improvement in female stimulation, but did work to my advantage in enticing people. It's an urban myth that really did not have any negative repurcussions.


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on: 21 Dec. 2009
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