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Tongue Web

It was the beginning of the school year. In the summer I had gotten two new piercings. My nose, and my top ear. I walked into my school and felt original, since no one else had these piercings.

But I was missing something. I wanted another piercing. I heard that these girls in my grade were piercing their tongue webs. I had never heard of that piercing, so I decided to look it up on BME. When I saw it, I fell in love. I researched the piercing more, and looked up how to do it at home. Then I made a date to pierce it. I bought a 14 g eyebrow ring from Claires.

I went home, started to boil some water on the stove (to prevent infection) and cleaned up as much as I could in my bathroom to make it more sanitary.

Once the rings/needle were done boiling and were clean, I let them soak in some alcohol for about five minutes. I put on some hand sanitizer and skipped to the bathroom (I know, I should have used gloves..), needle and ring in hand. I rinsed my mouth with mouthwash a couple times, and brushed my teeth and did another round of hand sanitizer just in case. I forgot to mention, the needle I was using was a sewing needle. 14 g. I know.. I was stupid. Anyway, I took a deep breath and stuck the needle through the spot I chose. I saw a bit of blood, freaked out and thought I hit something. When I saw it was nothing, I tried again. I felt the "pop" of my skin when I pushed the needle through. Then I saw that the needle was in, and I was quite pleased with myself. I pushed the needle in farther and it went through just fine until it hit the end of the needle. Thats when it got stuck. So I pulled on it a bit more and then it finally pulled through. Then putting in the ring. That was a
son of a b. Since I have a tiny mouth and small hands it was a very difficult task. It took me about 15 minutes to screw on the little balls. When I was finished I mouthwashed one more time and cleaned up my bathroom once more. I was quite pleased with myself.

Two weeks later: The ball of my web had fallen out. I was getting tired of the piercing anyway. So I just let it be. I didn't have trouble eating or talking or anything. I was just getting sick of it.

Two months later: I had gotten sick from a sore throat. I thought it was just the cold everyone was getting. I stayed home for a day and though I would be better by the next day. When I woke up the second morning and realized I couldn't talk or even swallow my own spit because my throat hurt so much, I told my mom to take me to the hospital. They took a look down my throat and told me that I had an abcess of puss in my throat. They had to stick a needle in my throat 6 times to try and suck the puss out. It was a terrible experience. I lost a lot of blood and even choked on my own blood. When they still couldn't get any puss out they stuck an IV in my hand and let me stay the night in the hospital. The next day they gave me popsicles and a lot of medicine to help soothe the pain. My mom had come to visit me and she had said "this was probably from your tongue web." I was suprised since I had never told her about it before. I had to stay another night though since it was undeci ded if I had to get my tonsils out or not. The next day they told me that I could go home, but I'd have to take a strict routine of medicines for 10 days. I felt way better, but regretted my tongue web. A couple days ago I had to revisit the hospital to see the doctor. He looked in my mouth and said that the swelling had gone down but you could still see the hole from the needle. You may think "Oh, she never cleaned anything or did something wrong" But really, I did most things right and sanitized everything I touched. So, seriously kids.. I highly recommend that you do not do this at home and pay the extra bit to get it done professionally. Cause its not fun spitting up/choking on about a litre of your own blood and its a scare for everyone when you cannot swallow your own spit or talk without sounding like you have a bag of marbles in your mouth.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Myself
Studio: Bathroom
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