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The Wonderful World of my Tongue Piercing!

Hi, hello! Today I'm going to be talking(or writing if you want to get technical) about my latest piercing. My tongue. I just got it pierced Thursday which was 3 days ago and obviously its still healing but I'll share my story to the best of my ability.

So I browse this website a lot. Like everyday to be exact, I guess I have no life but I read all the experiences, and here I am reading stories about tongue piercings and what not and it interests me. Way back when, the tongue piercing had caught my eye. I watched videos and read information but I was scared and the idea was soon forgotten. So let's fast forward to now. I was reading experiences on BME and bam here we go. I want my tongue pierced. So on Thursday after school I decide to go. And here's where the experience begins.

I asked the girl at the front desk if I needed an appointment. She said no, so it was a go! All I had to do was fill out some paper work and I was ready to go. Oh the joys of being 16 and not having to have parental consent! The piercer Buffy came out(she also just recently pierced my nose on November 8th, so we have two healing piercings) and said itd just be a few minutes to clean up and sterilize everything. We got talking and I told her to tell my friend to get a ear piercing or something simple. She was very friendly and told us that it'd feel hot but it wouldn't be painful. Of course my friend wouldn't do it. So now everythings ready and its time to go to the back and get pierced. Its time to get nervous now.

I sat down in the chair and got myself comfortable while she put on gloves and got everything ready. We watched her, we talked and we laughed, I guess to calm the nerves. She got me to mouth wash my mouth for 30 seconds, and spit. Now she got me to stick out my tongue,she dried it off with gauze and placed a dot on my tongue she stood back and shook her head, she re-inked my tongue and told me my tongue bent weird(oops) but now it was center so all was good. She got me to stick out my tongue as far as I could and clamped, aligning the dot on the top with the dot on bottom. Must I say that the clamps are quite uncomfortable. So at this point it was time. I closed my eyes and she got ready with the clamps, the needle and the cork. She told me deep breath in, and out and on the third breath out she pushed the needle through. Now that I know it didn't hurt much at all, I didn't feel a thing I did feel the clamps though she had a hard time getting the needle through the bottom of
my tongue(I think,I wasn't watching.) She told me to keep my tongue out as she replaced the needle for the 19mm, 14 gauge jewellery that they pierce with to accomodate the swelling. After that was done she showed me and told me to get a cup of crushed us from Orange Julius. I nodded, she told me about the after care and that in 2 to 3 weeks time I could come back in to to get the barbell changed from 19mm to 14 instead. I thanked her, with a lisp(of course my name has to have to s' hello fun!) she laughed and said she loved hearing people talk after a tongue piercing and walked into the front lobby where I paid the 70 bucks plus tax which might seem like a lot but for a quality done piercing in a clean environment I definitely had no arguements about it what so ever.

My friend and I left Black Heart and walked to the food court to get my ice. The girl was quite dumb-wanting me to pay 16 cents for it! But she didn't know how to do it so hello free ice! So I ate that with a spoon(straws cause stress) and went on talking weirdly. I went home attempted food, drank water, ate ice, and had two ibuprofen and went to bed. Let's go to Day 2 now.

Now Day 2(first day of healing) was a Friday which meant school but surprisingly it hadn't even swelled much at all. My piercer had told me the night before when I slept to keep a pillow under my shoulders to keep swelling down. I think it worked too. I bought a jello that morning and had some trouble eating it but hey you'd expect that. I'd also recommend keeping talking to a minimum, it feels like its not even there that way. I went through out my day easily and surprisingly lunch wasn't so hard. Now by the end of the day my tongue was swollen but not that bad. I just couldn't eat, I did end up have chicken broth and two ibuprofen and lying down, I fell asleep at 7 and here I am today, day 3!

The days just started I'm hungry so we've got to figure out something to eat. Again my tongue isn't too swollen and I've already mouth washed twice. Can anybody say OCD? I'm drinking water and eating soup. So may I recommend eating lots of liquid things, stay away from solids though I did have pizza and cut it up uber tiny, that worked, just be prepared for it to go cold. Eat slow(its like learning to eat again) I'm definitely more aware of my tongue I never knew it moved that much when I ate. I've yet to bite down on the ball but I eat really really slowly.

I recommend this piercing to anyone who wants it. It wasn't painful, maybe a 3 or 4 out of 10 but I'd give that pain to the clamps. It easy, fast, and painless. My least painful piercing so far. Obviously the healing isn't as fun but after 8 to 10 days it should be fine, so its super fast and very hard to get an infection. I say go for it! If you can live through the scarcity of food you'll be fine. It's very much worth it. I welcome my new piercing to the family which makes me a proud mother of 9. If you want it, do your research and go! I definitely did the research part and lucky for you and I we can find all the information right here! You can do it! Now to make that 9 go to 10, we'll wait for everything to heal and go for something on the ear maybe, who knows. If you'd like to email me for any help or questions, go for it and thanks for reading! :)


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on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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