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My favorite piercing!

After months of wanting my tongue pierced, I finally decided to get it done. I had researched tongue piercings for a couple of weeks and the pros outweighed the cons. I had gotten my tragus pierced at a tattoo/piercing shop about five months before but the place I went to was kind of sketchy so I wanted to find a different establishment to get my tongue piercing at. I had heard through a couple of friends that Pour Boiz was a really great place for tattoos and piercings because the employees really know what they are doing. A friend of mine wanted to get her lip pierced, so off to Pour Boiz Tattoo & Piercing we went.

The lady who did our piercings was a nurse as well as the piercing specialist at this establishment, so I knew that she was legit. She thoroughly explained the procedure and everything else we needed to know about our piercings and then we got down to business. She told us all about taking care of our new piercings. She explained what we could not do while our piercings were healing: smoke (she said "200 degrees of smoke going in and out of that hole will piss it off. don't piss it off"), drink alcohol (what?! we're college students!), participate in any kind of interaction with your tongue (a.k.a. making out, oral sex, etc.), drink anything with citric acid (carbonation is also not recommended), eat solid foods that require a lot of chewing. She also explained things that we should do to help the healing process: eat popcicles (or anything frozen..icecubes are good too), eat soft foods and soup, rinse your mouth out with saltwater about 4-5 times a day (more than that will i nterfere with the healing process), buy mouthwash without alcohol, and buy a brand new toothbrush (or sterilize the one you have now.

I sat down in the chair and she inspected my tongue (with a clamp) to make sure that I didn't have any veins that could get in the way. She said my tongue was perfect for the procedure so she started to unwrap the needle and get everything else ready. I was VERY nervous about getting this piercing (i always freak myself out before getting piercings or tattoos, even though i have a pretty high pain tolerance). She told me to stick out my tongue as far as it would go and made a mark with a marker in the middle. I told her that the mark was in the perfect spot and she put the clamp back on my tongue. Then she inspected the bottom of my tongue one last time and stuck the needle through the top. She used a 14 gauge needle (it was not hollow). She took the needle out, put my new tonguering in and screwed on the top ball. I was all done!

I had no pain whatsoever (it was just a little shock at first) but my tongue did bleed for a few minutes. I kept rinsing my mouth with water and the bleeding stopped after maybe 5 minutes.

That night I went out to dinner for a friend's birthday party and ate mashed potatoes without difficulty. For the next few days I only drank propel and water (because carbonated drinks and drinks with citric acid aren't recommended for a week or so after getting your tongue pierced). Eating solid food wasn't very hard for me but I chose to eat soft foods for a few days. For two days after I got my piercing, my tongue was swollen but I didn't have much difficulty talking either. I took pain killers for two mornings just in case I had any pain but I didn't have any at all. The swelling was kind of annoying at times but it went away after probably 4 or 5 days. I ate a lot of popcicles and sucked on ice cubes often during the first few days, in hopes that the swelling would go down.

The piercing lady recommended to get a brand new toothbrush and to buy mouthwash without alcohol in it, as well as spraying my piercing 2-3 times a day with a sea salt spray that you can buy at almost any piercing place or even in the mall somewhere. I changed my piercing after probably 2 weeks and it healed perfectly. I have not had any problems with it.

Before I got my piercing when I was still in the researching stage, I read a lot about tonguerings chipping teeth. That has not happened to me at all and I have worn metal balls on the top and bottom of my tonguering for probably six months. I do sometimes bite my tonguering when I'm chewing food but it only happens once in a while.

My dad still doesn't know I have it done and I got it done nine months ago (I don't live at home but I see him often). I would absolutely recommend getting your tongue pierced. It is fun to play with and it looks really sweet!


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on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Tongue Piercing

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