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Tantalizing Tongue Trip

Warning: If you are going to do it yourself, be sure to have all of the proper equipment and do massive amounts of research on what you're piercing so you avoid major veins and whatnot. And if you feel as though you can't complete it, don't even bother starting it.

My best friend Amz and I are talking like always. And she reminded that we were to both get our tongue pierced as a bonding moment. She goes on to tell me that our other friend Shantell has already gotten her tongue pierced a week ago. That initially set my mind into motion. I go to the local tattoo shop [Fuzion Ink] look around ask a few questions, and then leave to hit the mall. I check out a few stores and the jewelry they carry, so far Claire's had the best variety pack at the cheapest price. I purchase my barbell pack and high-tail it home.

I'm home doing my research, so I don't hit any major vessels and paralyze my tongue and or bleed in agony while being bitched at by a very emotional mother. So I message my friend B, about the idea.

raider_of_graves: I'm gonna pierce my own tongue.

raider_of_graves: =/

raider_of_graves: Teach me how.

jerent_the_convict: Do not do that.

raider_of_graves: Shut the fuck up.

raider_of_graves: I know to avoid the veins.

raider_of_graves: Anything else?

jerent_the_convict: Sterilize everything. Pass any thing that will pass through the flesh-- the needle, the piercing itself-- through flame. For a long time.

jerent_the_convict: Longer the better.

raider_of_graves: How long?

jerent_the_convict: At least 6-10 seconds, I'd say.

raider_of_graves: I have a 14g as well...

jerent_the_convict: But, I'd go much longer to be safe.

jerent_the_convict: I still think it's an extremely stupid idea.

He's not too ecstatic about the idea. So I listen to him, I run to the bathroom with a lighter, corn skewer, needle, safety pin, paper clip, and knitting needle. I grab an anesthetic to numb my mouth so my mum won't hear me grunting and whimpering. I start burning the end of the corn skewer since it was the only thing roughly the same size as the barbell. I lift up my tongue, and try to line up the center without being too close to the tip of my tongue, nor too far back.

One quick inhale and I start push from the underside of my tongue up. I feel my body shaking and the globs of saliva running out of my mouth from the numbing. It's one helluva rush and thought. I finally get it through. I grab the barbell and shove it through as quickly as I could. I'm still shaking pretty intensely. I end up having difficulty getting the end ball on. So I end up texting my boyfriend begging for him to hurry and get off work. I'm standing in the bathroom shaking, looking at my new piercing and thinking "This pretty bad-ass." I decide I'ma take another shot at getting the ball on. For some reason my mind started rushing with thoughts "What the hell am I doing? I'm not a pro, what if my tongue gets infected? Or my tongue is partially paralyzed and I can't tell because of the numbness? What the fuck are my parents gonna say when they see this?" With my confidence fleeing from my body, my hands seem to be possessed. My tongue's spazzing out on me, I'm beginning t o feel faint-hearted and that I've possibly lost all the sanity I once had.

I go outside waiting on my boyfriend half of my barbell pushed back out from my own skittish behavior. I'm pacing around barefoot, as he pulls up. He's not allowed in the house due to my parents disapproving of him. So I'm hella worried about an infection, knowing I just used a corn skewer that's probably eight years old, my boyfriend's been touching nasty germ infected items and he can't wash his hands. Part of me feels like passing out and the other half throwing up. I rush back in the house, take out the barbell and return outside. He begins going off on me. Telling me all of the risks I'm taking by doing it myself, and how idiotic I'm being. [Even though he pierced his ears over 14 times using a safety pin.] I grumble a few words and head back into the house ready to pass out.

I wake up and my mouth...felt so fucking weird. I felt as though my tongue was pregnant, and I had to bear the burden like a boyfriend who knocked her up. I'm pretty miserable, being unable to speak properly and just the overall feeling. Sadly, when the 'rents found out they basically shit bricks. Mom rants and raves about oral sex and me being a whore. Dad preaches to me that I'm an idiot and that I might need some psychological help. Sweet and endearing words for parents to say, right? End story...Nothing besides the ears and nose are to be pierced until December 19th, 2008.

And I'm planning to do:


*Nose [A septum probably.]

*Ears [four times]

On my own. <3


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Myself.
Studio: The+bathroom
Location: My+house+in+Norfolk%2C+VA

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