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Slurred Words

For a while now I have always wanted a tongue piercing but either chose to get pierced else where or was to poor to afford it. But tonight, I finally had the money and nothing else I desperately wanted, tonight was my night. The drive to the studio seemed to take forever, I have been looking forward to this for about a week and half now. Then the sign came into view and I knew it was only a matter of minutes until I had a new piercing to add to my ever growing "collection."

I walked into the studio and already my anticipation and yearning was getting to me. Stilleto Haus is an amazing place, very clean, very professional, and of course very friendly. I looked through some portfolios during my wait and then the time came to check my ID and sign the form before being taken back into the piercing room.

My feet began to buckle from the nerves and excitement, more excitement than nerves seeing that I have a high pain tolerance, I have missed sitting in that chair and having the needle pushed through my skin. What can I say, I am addicted.

Amanda led me and my friends back to the room and explained the whole procedure. I rinsed my mouth, she dried my tongue, checked for veins and marked my tongue. The clamps were then firmly planted on my tongue "big breath in" pierce and "breathe out." Me being anemic didn't help as I bled for a few minutes and fairly heavy, but being pierced was such a rush that I didn't even notice, nor did I care very much. The jewelry was in place and she gently helped my tongue back into my mouth. I cleaned the drool off myself, and kept rinsing until the blood stopped, the pictures I have are very entertaining, a needle shot, and two after shots with the blood. The clamps to me were the most annoying part to the process, I didn't feel any pain from the piercing itself, it went so quick and smoothly, just a bit of pressure and the jewelry was in and my tongue was back in my mouth before I knew it. I didn't even know it was bleeding until I had my tongue back in my mouth and could taste a
hint of copper and felt the warmth, it was interesting to say in the least. Another few rinses and I was able to inspect her handy work in the mirror. I was in love. After chatting for a few minutes and the run down of what to expect, how to clean my tongue and words of advice to keep it from being infected and the walk back to the counter to buy a piece of jewelry for when I change out the barbells and then I was on my way.

I was already stocked on soft foods that I had bought earlier in the day and all I needed to buy was the mouth rinse which I found what she told me was the best to find at a Walgreens right down the street. It was interesting, the most odd feeling ever to have metal in my mouth, almost like a piece of hard candy that isn't supposed to be there. After a few laughs and some showing off, me and my friends went to the coffee house, water, an empty cup, and a cup of ice were my best friends that evening, after every cigarette I would rinse my mouth and spit into the cup instead of occupying the bathroom, at least I got a few laughs from the spittle lines and occasional drooling.

My tongue swelled in a about an hour, slurring words and annoying pain followed, but all in all, so worth it!

Ibuprofen is definately going to be a friend for the next week, the twinge of pain from the swelling is very annoying and swallowing is a task. Mashed potatoes and some gravy is very easy to eat and something cold to drink is great as well. Something else that is recommended is popsicles and ice cream, tastes good, easy to eat, and helps with the pain and swelling.

I absolutely recommend that if anyone is in the Grand Rapids area or is planning to travel to the area and has an itch for a piercing, definately come here and ask for Amanda (Or Kaz, he's amazing as well) you won't be disappointed and they take care of you, leave plenty of opportunity for questions, and will explain to you everything you need to know and want to know.

I paid $40.00 for the piercing, and since I am not able to come back and get it changed for me (due to school) for free, I bought a black and white striped barbell for the change out for $10.00. Not bad at all I think.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Amanda
Studio: Stiletto+Haus
Location: Grand+Rapids%2C+Michigan

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