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Perfect piercing.

So I'll start by saying my name is Kat. I'm sixteen years old and live in Syracuse. And my parents are 100 percent against piercing. Prior to getting my tongue pierced I had only had my ears done, with a gun unfortunately. The first holes when I was about 3 and the seconds when I was 10. After that my parents said I was done. They wouldn't even let me get my cartilage pierced. So I did it myself with no problems. And they didn't find out that for about two months. Since I obviously wouldn't stop there, about a year ago I got a tattoo without my parents permission and hid that for about a month and both times they got mad, but really there was nothing they could do to stop me.

Back to the tongue piercing. I've wanted it ever since I can remember. I never wanted it for the reasons that everybody thinks a person would want it, oral. Truth is I don't even do that. I wanted it for me, I think they look amazing and attractive. I would've gotten it earlier but I've had braces on for about three years and didn't want all that metal in my mouth at one time. I got my braces off about two weeks ago, without wasting anytime I knew I wanted my tongue pierced. Problem was I was grounded and couldn't get out of my house long enough to go get it. Finally the opportunity came, my friend who my parents trusted asked if they could take me to the "mall" on Monday (its now Friday) and he would take me to get it done. They said yes and the plan was going well.

My friend from work who has her tongue pierced recommended the place where she got her tongue pierced at 16 without parental consent. I'd rather not say the name on here because I don't want the place to get in trouble because I'd very much like to return to get more done without my parents permission. I'd spent about a week reading hundreds of stories on BME to know what to expect, aftercare, problems etc. After reading all these stories I was more excited then ever and knew that I wanted it done without a doubt. Finally Monday rolled around and I started getting nervous. School was the longest it had ever been and I just wanted to get out, but when it was over I was close to having a panic attack. I was so excited and nervous I just wanted to get it over with. We arrived at the tattoo shop and I was freaking out. My friend said it would all be fine and we went in. The man at the front desk asked my what I wanted and I said tongue so he gave me a sheet to fill out, asked f or my I.D etc. After that was done the piercer, Dan, told me and my friend to come on back. By this time I was shaking I was so nervous. The place didn't look that clean, which sort of scared me. But then he showed me how the needle, the clamps and the jewelry were brand new in package. Which eased me up a bit and he changed his gloves at least three times. He told me to stick out my tongue and he checked to see if I could be pierced, thank god I was. He gave me a cup and told me gargle for 30 seconds, after my tongue was basically numb. He opened up the package's and took out the clamps. My eyes were sealed shut at this point. He told me to stick out my tongue and he dried it and gave me a paper towel incase I drooled. He marked three dots on my tongue, probably to count how far back it was supposed to be. I worried a little when he didn't ask me if the placement was okay. I decided that he was the pro and that he knows what he's doing. He clamped my tongue, it was uncomfo rtable but it definitely didn't hurt. He told me to breathe in deep then breathe out. Then next thing I know he's screwing on the ball and saying put you tongue back in your mouth slowly. No pain at all. I was amazed and totally happy at the same time. I looked in the mirror and it was totally centered I was so happy and couldn't believe I actually did it. He explained all the aftercare and gave me a sheet on it too. I paid my $54 and tip, thanked him and left. My friend and I went to Rite Aid and picked up some Biotene and Motrin and I still wasn't feeling any pain. Until about an hour after my tongue started to hurt, probably from all the talking I was doing but it wasn't that bad just soreness.


Day one: Soreness about five hours later, no swelling yet. Lots of Motrin and cold water. I drank my soup and it had noodles in it and that didn't work out too well, the noodles kept wrapping around the ring and I bit the ball. Ouch. I rinsed my mouth out every time I smoked a cigarette or ate and before I went to bed.

Day two: Woke up to a bit of swelling and soreness nothing unbearable. Took my Motrin and went to school. My tongue started swelling and before I knew it it was the whole the length of the bar. Took more Motrin but it didn't do anything. I couldn't to work that night because I work in a grocery store and it hurt too much to talk. Rinsed as directed. I'm eating fine, I just need to cut my food into smaller pieces but I'm eating pretty much normal. I've developed a lisp that you only really hear when I say my s' or th or when I'm talking really fast.

Day three: Still swollen, it kind of looks like a mountain to where the ball is. I had to go to work today, it was not fun. Lots of soreness from talking so much but it was fun to show it off to all my work friends. I had to bring mouthwash with me to work because I was working a six hour and would smoke and eat during this. My friends at work laughed at me but its okay. Lisp is still here.

Day four: Its Thanksgiving today, my parents still don't know and I had to eat in front of them and my whole family. Somehow I got away with it. (Probably because you can't see the piercing at all when I talk and I've mastered eating). Swelling is still there, but it doesn't hurt that much. Its just annoying to have a huge tongue. And my tongue has a whiteish color to it because of all the mouthwash, yes I diluted with water. I managed to brush some of it off. Lisp is getting better, should be gone by day six I believe.

So far I absolutely love this piercing and I already don't know what I'd do without it. My parents haven't found out and I don' t think they will for a while. Its definitely worth the annoying week after. I can't wait till its all healed and I can put in pretty jewelry and show it off to everyone. I would recommend this piercing to everybody who wants it. Happy Piercing! Email me with any questions or if you just want to talk body mod.

Good Luck !


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Dan.
Studio: I%27d+rather+not+say.
Location: Syracuse%2C+NY

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