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Tongue piercing in Southampton!

So, I've just moved to Southampton for uni. I'm from Dorset, very near to Bournemouth so I normally go to Sarge at Metal Fatigue or Simon at Forever and Ever. But...I know my mum hates tongue piercings, so I decided to have it done here, so next time she sees me it will be healed and I won't be talking like a spoon!

So, me and my boyfriend headed into town. I had done my research on bmezine to see where the best place to go was. Countless people said Millennium and not Asgards. So, off I go! Bear in mind, I have 3 tattoos, and a few piercings in my ears. But I was still very nervous! I walked in, and was greeted straight away by the receptionist. I was told it would cost £30 and it also includes a change of bar when it heals which has a little gem in! She told me there would be a slight wait. So, I and my boyfriend sat down for a bit while a couple of people before me came in and out.

After about 10mins I was asked to go into the piercing room with Steve. There were all the council certificates on the wall naming various people as clean piercers. Now, one thing I do judge them on is they didn't ask me any medical questions. At all. Which I think is quite bad, as I could have been prone to fainting or have some kind of blood disorder. But anyway, I go sit on the piercing bed. Steve comments on the fact I look nervous and tries to make me laugh. This did help, as I felt more at ease.

He showed me that the needle was all sealed and well within its use by date. Then he asked me how I like my balls! I asked for the smallest ones I could have. And he explained that they couldn't be too small, as the balls would go into the piercing.

Anyway, he asked me to stick my tongue out, marked it up and put the clamps on. He told me he was doing it...and..."Was that it?!" It was over in a flash!

"Yep, the needle is through, just putting the bar in now."

It was nothing at all. A tiny pinch and it was over! It bled a tiny amount, and as Steve explained it looks like more as the blood mixes with your salvia. I popped my tongue back in...Woo it felt odd! Like there was something alien in my mouth. It felt like I needed to swallow it. Another thing I judge them for...is no aftercare instructions. As I'm into body mods, I know how to look after an oral piercing but I thought he should have given me a sheet or something! I had to ask when I could come back to change it and he said 7-10 days.

I went out and bought a lot of ice cream, yogurts, ice and ibuprofen.

And that's it really! It's the day after now. And it is very swollen. Really think about if you want this piercing, as it is a lot to look after. Ice, ibuprofen, and milkshakes are your friends! Don't have any caffeine, alcohol, or fizzy drinks. Drink liquid until it stops hurting, don't think you can eat straight away, even if you wanted to...you can't!

It is a complete pain. You can't really talk and people take the mickey out of you! But all in all, when it's healed hopefully I'll have a pretty tongue piercing. My mum will shake her head and disapprove but that's what mum's are supposed to do! Oh and buy some lip balm as well, as I've noticed my lips have got very dry.

It does feel very weird when it's in, and your whole mouth aches, even the back of your throat. Oh and the bit under your tongue, where the webbing is, that is the most painful. Because you aren't used to a ball being there! And be careful not to bite it, it's cringe-worthy!! And you do feel very run down and tired after; it really does knock it out of you. Just drink lots, and get lots of sleep. I don't smoke, but I have heard it does make it worse, so if you can cut down or stop completely in the healing time it will help. You probably won't want to anyway, it's too much hassle! It looks amazing, but again, like I said, really think it through! It is very uncomfortable and a massive pain. Oh and you are always hungry cus you can't eat solids. It's like you're a baby again!

All in all, millennium are ok. It is a clean studio and as long as you do your research on aftercare you will be fine. But I think I'm going to go home and stick with Sarge and Simon from now on.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Steve
Studio: Millenium
Location: Southampton%2C+UK

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