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Tongue piercing - replacing my lost tonsils

The Relationship With My Tongue...

On December 27th 2007, aged 19, I had one of the most painful operations I'd ever experienced....a tonsillectomy. A lot of you reading this will probably have had your tonsils out at a reasonably young age and wondering what the fuss is all about, and believe me, as you get older, they get bigger and they bloody hurt when they're gone!

From aged 7, I'd suffered from Psoriasis – a skin disorder. My immune system sheds my skin every 7 days rather than the regulatory 28 and has left me covered in unsightly red blotches all over my body. Dermatologists had tried everything to try and reduce my psoriasis, it's hardly the best thing to be sociable with...flaking all over everyone, never being able to wear black in a club because of everything showing up under UV lights etc. After tests, doctors found that strep throat was causing my psoriasis to flair...out they came.

I felt lost without my tonsils, a little piece of me was missing. Something had to be done about it. Cue lightbulb – tongue piercing! I was petrified, a huge needle being shoved through my tuna steak of a tongue, but it had to be done. I was also worried about swelling as I'd heard some horrible stories and I study Public Relations at University, that means I have to do a lot of presentations and give speeches, so I was sodded if I had a fat tongue for weeks. However, my schedule was clear so I took the dive. I did my research, I read stories, I spoke to friends and off I went to Ozone.

I had been pierced at Ozone before, they'd done my sternum there and I was happy with the surroundings and cleanliness. When I approached the desk, the lady behind the till checked me out for stray veins and said there'd be no problem with my tongue being pierced, so I started the hideous walk up the corrugated iron stairs.

Once upstairs, I was perched on the edge of the ominous dentist chair. The piercer (I'm so sorry, the name escapes me) started prepping whilst I twiddled my thumbs.

She handed me what I thought was mouthwash, before my mouth started going numb. I wasn't happy that I'd been given an anaesthetic. It's not something I'd encountered whilst being pierced. Don't get me a wrong, a little bit of me was glad about it being there, but I just wish I'd been given an option.

The piercer had a look at my tongue for the second time and marked me up, I checked and approved the placement. She'd changed her gloves numerous times whilst checking my tongue and marking it. At this point, she changed gloves again and removed the needle from the sterile packaging. I was instructed to poke my tongue out and relax it – which is harder than it sounds. The clamps were then put on, I couldn't feel the usual pinch of the clamps due to the anaesthetic, but I could feel the pressure. My tongue really wasn't complying with what she was saying to me, it wanted to retreat inside my mouth which meant it was tensed up although she wanted it relaxed, but I tried and tried my utmost and eventually got it in the right state of floppiness. The needle went through with no difficulties, and again I obviously didn't feel it, to be honest, I missed the twinge and the expectancy. The bar was popped into the feeding tube and the ball screwed on. Pretty uneventful really. I paid and left. Then started waiting for the anaesthetic to wear off and the swelling to begin.

You must know the feeling of when you have been to the dentist for a filling and you find yourself dribbling while you are waiting for the anaesthetic to subside? Imagine that but think of the dentist leaving some of his equipment in there...uncomfortable to say the least. I couldn't feel any swelling and after the anaesthetic had finally worn off, the friends I was with said I was speaking normally.

The healing was nothing like I was expected, there was barely any swelling whatsoever. If there was swelling it was likely induced by me flicking my tongue out to show my friends and try to adjust myself with having a piercing. The weirdest sensation was the throbbing, it was almost like muscle pain in the tongue. Weird weird weird, everything was an effort, talking, eating, drinking (I'll add now that I was eating solids by the next day, the main reason I didn't eat the first day was because I was worried about chomping on the extremely long bar). This achy feeling soon went and I was back to normal within a few days. My friends loved it though because I actually thought about what I said rather than rambling like I usually do.

I was going back home from University for a family party so thought it'd be best to tell my parents, before they noticed. Over the phone I got the usual sighs of "Oh Lexi, another one? Did you really have to?", along with the usual worries of speech impediments and the like. When they met me at the train station the next week, they didn't ask how I was, just immediately wanted to see my tongue piercing, they were absolutely intrigued, but informed me that I was speaking with a slight lisp. They'd been my parents for 19 years and had NEVER noticed the lisp that put me through hell in primary school, and I quickly pointed it out that I'd had it since I'd been speaking.

Altogether, having my tongue pierced was one of the best things I've done. Although, I've met a few people who think that having pierced nipples and tongue means I'm some kind of sexual deviant...I'm not! I've not forgotten it's there and have had it since April (it's now October). I find myself playing with it a lot and I find it strangely comforting. I like replacing two tiny flaps of flesh with metal. I can't imagine taking it out for a long time. I think I had the perfect healing experience, and thanks to having an impeccable dental hygiene routine anyway, everything was pretty uneventful. If you are considering piercing your tongue, do it. It's sort of secret, it looks great and it's not that hard to look after.

Happy Piercing!!


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on: 11 Nov. 2008
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