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Finally I have my precious!

Hi there!

Firstly I want to tell you all that (like almost everyone here) I'm into BM and I'm kind of addicted to them.I have 3 Lobes in each ear, a Tragus, a Navelpiercing and now since last week wednesday a Tongue.

Me wanting a tonguering started when I saw Mell B. from the Spice Girls stick out her tongue at a Dutch tv-host when I was about 8 years old.I loved the look of her blinking little ball on top of her tongue and decided that I wanted to get one when my parents agreed and when I was old enough.That resulted in a Tragus for my 11th birthday and a Navelpiercing 5 months after that, my parents found that that was enough.But guess what..I did not agree, there came another pair of lobes and after those where healed there came third pair of lobes.When I became 18 last May, I started whining for a Tonguepiercing.

My mother, which I started to persuade for it, kept saying "no", "NO", "Nooohooo", but I kept saying "I want it!".After 6 months of discussing this with my mother, she gave me the green light.I thing she finally realized that if she did nog agreed it would happen next summer when they are on holliday.My dad still did not know anything about my little plan.

So, after my mother said yes, I went to piercer which did every piercing I have, so I trust her.She said she had a spot free for me at 4 o'clock and I was so happy! Finally I would get my piercing that I wanted for so long, but in school...time went so slow :( Every five minutes I looked at the clock if my lessons where over.

When my lessons where over I raced to the piercingshop and she was already waiting for me, she already had some things set ready.And everything was still in it's wrapping.She made me swish my mouth with some disgusting salty fluid and rinse with it for 30 seconds.

When that was over she said that I could stick out my tongue, she dried it off(that felt very funny) and she set a dot.I found the dot was to far to the front, so she put down another dot, right in the exact perfect spot where I wanted it.She put on the clamps, which feel very annoying, and looked at the bottom of my tongue with a light for veins.I honestly thought she was still busy with the light and looked at the designs for tattoo's on the wall, Laura instead had already taken the needle and already pushed it trough.She said "the needle's in." and I said with a very weird accent "was that all?!?!" apperantly...yes...Now she put in the barble and put on the top ball.Made me rinse my mouth with water because my tongue was bleeding a tiny bit.I stayed to chat a bit with her about the aftercare and then paid and left.

Right after that I went to the snackbar and bought some ice.Eating ice wasn't as easy as I thought it would be and it took me several minutes.When I came home for dinner, we ate fried chips, I ate them in mini-pieces but I ate them all.When I went outside I took another ice with me, when that was done I felt my tongue get swollen.So at the mcDonalds I bought a cup of ice to eat, wich softened the annoying feeling of the swelling.When I got home my tongue was swollen and I thought it would be even bigger the next morning.But when I woke up, my tongue was the same as the evening before!I drank lots and lots and lots of tea, to get my tongue smaller.

The second day I ate eggs with bread, that was going fine.The third day I was eating shoarma, with garlic!!The fourth day I ate everything I wanted, even chips and lollypops!And yesterday a week after putting it in, I was eating Spare-Ribs.

I thought I would have much more complications with this piercing and I was prepared for eating fluids for a whole week.But in the end, I did not even needed that.I only had a lisp for 3 days and after that I started talking normally again.To everyone who wants to get a tonguepiercing, Do it! I think it's the easiest piercing ever.

Now I have this piercing there are several piercings I want with the ones I already have.For example a inner conch, industrial, 4th lobes and maybe nostril and a labret( I'm not completely sure about the last one, because I don't know if it will suit me).But this is fine for now, I think my parents are not going to accept more piercings untill I'm out of the house.But I will deal with it ;)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Laura
Studio: Laura%27s+Tattoo+%26+Piercing
Location: Vlaardingen%2C+The+Netherlands

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