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What else would I get pierced if i couldn't get my lower belly button

One night I was out with my boyfriend and on the way home I decided that I finally had the guts to get the bottom part of my belly button pierced. We drove by every piercing shop that I had checked out and it was of coarse too late for any of them to be open. I went back to my dorm and to bed very disappointed.

The next day I decided there was no way I wasn't going to get pierced that day evan if I had to go on my own. I got lucky and my roomate didn't have any late classes and the places where she had gotten her piercings done was close by. So once we were out of our classes for the day we hoped in the car and left.

I was so excited to finally be going it only took me 9 months to get the courage to finally go out and get it done. I walked in the door and a guy asked me if I needed help I said yes I wanted to get my belly button pierced he said no problem fill this out and the piercer will be right over to help you. Once she came over she asked me what I wanted to get done and I told her the bottom of my belly button and she asked to take a look. Right away she said no way because I didn't have a lip down there for her to pierce. On the way there I said that if I couldn't get what I wanted I was going to get my nipples done. Then I suddenly got shy about my boobs, and was like how about my tongue?

Mind you I told myself I would wait to get my tongue pierced because it was the one thing my mother said she would never approve of, but I already said the word. She looked at my tongue and said it was fine to pierce. She took me in the back had me wash my mouth out and had everything out in the sterile packaging. She told me how I was not to pull my tongue into my mouth unless I was told to do so or she would not pierce me and would not refund my money. She made a mark on my tongue and told me to go look at it in the mirror and see if I thought it looked good. I checked and it was in the middle so I sat back down in the chair. She put a paper towel on my like a bib and told me drooling was part of the fun and to wait till she was done to wipe off my chin. She explained to me exactly what would happen, first she would put on the clamp then put the needle through and then the jewelry and the needle would drop into my lap and to not touch the needle.

I stuck out my tongue out for her and she stuck the clamp on and locked it closed. Yea that was the part that hurt to me. It wasn't back just felt like when you bite your tongue. I closed my eyes (yea I can watch blood, people being stuck with needles, and even stick myself with needles but I can't watch someone else come by me with a needle) she told me to take a deep breath and stuck the needle through. This was the point I stopped breathing, the piercer sat there and reminded me to breathe (because breathing is good for the brain). She got the jewelry in, put the bottom ball on, took off the clamp, and finally told me I could put my tongue back in my mouth.

She gave me instructions on how to care for it. Brush my teeth and put a few drops of glyoxide on it twice a day and use Listerine (watered down slightly and not the green one) after everything eating drinking and smoking. She said it would swell the first few days (duh). She also advised me that if it began to bleed a lot that I would need to take it out and if it did not subside in a half hour I needed to go to an emergency room (at which point I was like oh great) but said I shouldn't get worried since I didn't bleed at all during the piercing. She told me to keep to soft foods while my tongue was swollen and to avoid anything really acidic or spicy for the month. I was advised to take some asprin and start sucking on ice chips right away to prevent swelling. She told me to give only little girl kisses (yes those are the words she used little girl kisses) and no oral contact for the month.

Excited I left the shop going I can't believe I did this no one knew only one of my friends and my room mate, my boyfriend I told I was at dinner eating dinner (if I came back with anything pierced he figured it wouldn't be my tongue because he told me not to get that done). On the way home I called a few of my friends to tell them what I had just done. I stopped and picked up everything I needed to care for it. Once back I put a picture up on facebook of coarse.

I didn't have any trouble talking but eating was very annoying and time consuming. It hadn't swelled yet but I usually eat very quickly and now suddenly had to take my time. I then realized I had to waitress all weekend (I was pierced on a thursday) and had a big company event where I would spend most of my time talking to the public. I wasn't worried yet because it hadn't swollen. I went out that night to go see my boyfriend who now thinks its the cutest thing in the world. The main problem I had with day 1 was getting frustrated eating and the bottom ball would sometimes go above my bottom teeth and hurt a little.

The next morning my tongue was swollen, not huge but enough to have trouble talking and the pain finally set in. I called my boyfriend to wake him up, and the second he heard me he knew I was miserable and told me to stick it out because he thought it was cute. I got up took some asprin brushed my teeth and everything. Went to my spanish class where of coarse the teacher kept calling on me the swelling was down but it was uncomfortable to talk. So on my break I had this great idea to run to the next building and get a smoothie where of coarse they didn't have any. I still had trouble eating and was frustrated because I was hungry, and the bottom ball would still get stuck occasionally.

Saturday when by pretty smoothly as long as I took my asprin on time it was still sore but I was happy with it. I could eat as long as I took my asprin like an hour before. I was evan feeling well enough to go to out gambling that night. That night however was not good the bottom ball popped off because it had gotten stripped, I managed to get it on enough to stay.

Sunday everything was fine but I could not get to a piercer to get the ball changed and figured it could wait ill monday evening when my boyfriend got off work. I was wrong and monday it came off and wouldn't go on for nothing. On top of the fact I had water dripping from my ceiling I new had to figure out how to get back to lous tattoos to get a new barbell. I found a lous tattoos in huntington (same place just a different location) I took a bus got off the wrong stop and walked an hour or so just to save my new piercing (the bar was still in and I was careful to keep it that way). Once I finally made it there the guy there changed it for free.

Everything after that was smooth sailing and it is now happily healed and I love it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: not+sure
Studio: lous+tattoos
Location: west+babylon+long+island+new+york

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