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Venomous Experience

I wanted my tongue pierced forever, but what I really wanted was venoms. I first got my tongue pierced in November of 2007, but I got a standard center piercing. In late March, I was in a musical and I fell asleep, and while I was asleep, my tongue ring fell out, and the hole closed up; I couldn't wait to get it pierced again, but this time, I wanted Venoms. I had to wait quite a while, six months, to get my tongue re-pierced, but I finally got around to doing it yesterday.

I got up and called my piercing buddy who always goes with me and we get pierced together. She was down with it, so I called my piercer and she said she would be doing piercings from 4 to 6 that afternoon.

I picked up my friend and we chilled for a while before leaving my pool at about 3:30 and heading to Miss Kitty's. Now, some people may say this is stupid and dangerous, but I know Miss Kitty and I trust her. She works out of her mother's basement and I don't think she has a piercing license, but she uses good, sterile jewelry and brand new needles every time and she has excellent prices, $20 a piercing, and I've gotten 6 of my piercings done by her. I've had piercings done in actual shops, and Miss Kitty was just as hygienic as them. In fact, I've watched videos on youtube of people getting piercings in actual shops, and Miss Kitty does it better than them. For example, if you're piercing a lip, you pierce from the inside of the mouth to the outside, which she does, but I saw a video on youtube of someone in a shop piercing a lip from the outside in.

So anyway, after arriving at Miss Kitty's we sat on her porch for a while and waited for her to get home. When she did, she showed us around back to the basement and we sat on the couch and talked to her for a while. She decided to do my friend's belly-button first as it was simple and just 1 piercing.

After, she gave me some mouthwash, then I rinsed my mouth with it and spit it out in the sink. I sat in her chair and she pushed it all the way up and had me lean my head against the back of it. Miss Kitty took out the clamps and held them gently on my tongue, looking under it and making sure that it was aligned not to hit a vein. She pulled my tongue up and pushed it down on the needle.

It hurt. I'm not going to lie. It was a sharp pain and I could feel the needle rip through the top of my tongue. I flinched as she was sticking the bar through; it didn't hurt, it was just uncomfortable and awkward feeling. She moved the clamp to the other side and began lining it up, but because I had just gotten a needle stuck through the left side of my tongue, it really hurt.

I asked if we could wait a bit for the sharp pain to go away, and she said of course, so I sat for a minute, then she gave me some more mouthwash and I swished and spit with it, then sat down on the couch and we talked for a while. Although there was still a dull throb in my tongue, it wasn't that sharp pain anymore, so I was ready for the other side. I got back in her chair and leaned my head against the back as she put the chair up again. She aligned my tongue, again making sure to avoid veins, then pushed the needle up through it.

Again there was that sharp pain as the needle pierced through my skin and muscle, but it was over quickly. The sharp pain lingered for a moment before turning back into the dull pain. My tongue was already swelling, and it bled a bit, but nothing serious.

I had an awkward lisp for a while, but I expect that to go away when I'm certain that there won't be any pain when I move my tongue in certain directions. The only things I can eat are liquids for the most part. I attempted to eat scrambled eggs with ketchup; now, the eggs weren't so bad, but the ketchup stung SO much! Do not eat ketchup if you have brand new venoms.

I'm mostly sticking to soup, broth, applesauce, slushies, slurpies, smoothies, juice, milk, chocolate milk, koolaid, and pudding. Just try to avoid things that require chewing, or have pieces that require you to move them around in your mouth before swallowing them, especially if you've never had your tongue pierced before.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Miss+Kitty
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Location: Detroit

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