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My Newest Piercing.

Okay so, I had been wanting my tongue pierced for quite a while but decided to gently ease my parents in to my piercing addiction, stretched my lobe, tragus and industrial. So they weren't all that surprised when I phoned them from my piercers.

I had originally planned to go to Nirvana piercing studio just around the corner from GPS because my friend was going in for her microdermals but John was really sick and wasn't doing any lip or tongue piercings. My friend also realised she was ten pounds short so we decided to wait another week. Fast forward to Wednesday 15th and we were back in Glasgow. I had to nip round to GPS to get my longer industrial bar now that it had been three months, I asked about what was involved and such in a tongue piercing and after going through the basics decided I would come back round after I had eaten.

After the most nervously eaten cheeseburger I was back at the studio. went into the room, sat on the piercing table/bed thing to make sure my tongue was suitable after a couple minutes of pulling/twisting my tongue about, Rach the piercer told me that it would have to be pierced squint, didn't really explain why, but since looking at my tongue I see what i think is a tendon which would be in the way. I also never got to see the marking of it myself which is slightly annoying but I was too nervous to make any complaints. She gave me the stingiest mouthwash I have ever had, while she set everything up, explaining how it was going to be pierced etc. so I spat out the horrible mouthwash, she dabbed my tongue dry again, and she told me the breathing is the same as every other piercing I've had, breathe in and then on the breathe out she'll put the needle through.

Rach doesn't use a clamp because in her own words her hands are a better and less painful clamp, was good news to me as I had been told it was the sorest part. She also told me to close my eyes, so I didn't flinch when i saw the needle. So I closed my eyes and breathed out and she put the needle through told me it was done, and she's just the put the jewelery through. Now I never heard my tongue rip or anything and to be honest it wasn't painful, the only uncomfortable thing about the whole piercing part was the little push from my jewelery, which had to go in at an angle so that possibly made that worse that it was. my top cartilage piercing for my industrial is still the most painful by far.

After I had stood up to go get my money Rach, asked three of four times if i was okay and such. I said i was fine paid her 35pounds and then walked round to get my friend with her fresh microdermals.

Now the aftercare is easy, saltwater rinses I do it three times a day.

The morning after it was pierced was alright although it had swollen to the size of the bar and that made talking weird.. and I had developed a lovely lisp to amuse my friends. I could still eat chips, pot noodles and even tried some steak. I did get a handy tip from the piercer I was speaking to in Nirvana whilst waiting on my friend, don't drink caffeine, don't eat seafood or spicy food until it heals cause it makes it swell worse. Oh and of course no oral sex for two/three weeks.

it's been three days and my tongue is still swollen to the size of the bar, and since my mouth isn't all that big I woke up the middle of last night because my teeth were pressing down on my tongue. So this piercing is definitely the most uncomfortable I've ever had. And with it pierced squint (all be it for my own good) I don't know how it will affect the jewelery and the experience. I am happy I went and got it done.

But I would warn you for the first few days I would only eat food that doesn't taste horrible when its cold, cause it takes you a while to eat. Also it is weird as hell to swallow since your scared your gonna swallow the ball. You also learn how much you use your tongue

Also think about what you have coming up in the upcoming weeks, I for example didn't and have a public speaking competition 3 days before I'm due to get a smaller bar, so I'm hoping for fast healing so I don't have an annoying lisp and excess saliva for it.

Right wee update its now a week since the piercing.

And I managed to go get smaller balls put on my bar since the bigger ones were unbelievably uncomfortable. I went to another piercers since my regular one wasn't open, they said the balls were stupidly huge. I also have managed to rip the hole, which does not help the lisp and makes the piercing very annoying and painful. The swelling has completely went down now too.

I urge you to make sure you get the chance to check your placement. Since now that the swelling has went down I can see just how squint the piercing is, I wasn't told that my piercing would be off centre, had I been told how it would sit, like it does now I would have went for a properly off-centre tongue piercing. Due to this I am not going back to this piercing studio. The piercer is lovely and all my other piercings have had no problems but this has made me rather mad, so Nirvana piercings it is.

If you don't mind slow eating, mild constantish pain,and a lisp for a couple of weeks I would definitely go for it but make sure.. Check you placement and Clean your piercing . Oh and also think about what you have to do in the upcoming weeks. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Rach.
Studio: Glasgow+Piercing+Studio
Location: Glasgow%2C+Scotland

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