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Disclaimer: I DO NOT advise that anyone else do their own piercing. As many people will tell you, you REALLY can have terrible things go wrong. I was just lucky that my whole face or mouth isn't paralyzed. I figured though that before piercings were done by "professionals" (NOT KNOCKING PIERCERS AT ALL!!)there were "un-professionals" and I figured I could handle it. This also isn't my first do it yourself piercing. If you are going to pierce anything yourself though the biggest thing and most important thing to remember is to keep EVERYTHING clean. Your mouth is already vulnerable to infection because it's an open space, but it has it's own defenses against infection. If you are not as concerned as you should be about being clean your mouth will only be able to take so much.

I met this girl on myspace and she had all these piercings, and I've always been a huge fan of piercings, but I was too chicken to get it professionally done so with her as some inspiration I decided to do it myself. I searched the net for any helpful tips and information like aftercare especially and prevention of infection. I actually came across this page and a lot of yahoo questions and read as much as possible. I also went to professional piercing websites because I REALLY did not want ANYTHING to go wrong. I like my tongue so I want to keep it.

I armed myself with maximum strength orajel, a push pin, a barbell, alcohol prep, a lighter, and a towel. I boiled the push pin and barbell for 15 minutes to kill bacteria and then cleaned each with the alcohol prep and then put each in the flame for about 10 seconds. NO BACTERIA. I had spread a towel on the floor to catch any drool and I cleaned the counter top for maximum cleanliness. (I really did not want an infection, "told ya so's" really suck.) I put some orajel on the bottom and top of my tongue with a cotton bud and lifted my tongue up to check for veins. The orajel is just a general OTC anesthetic that was honestly for personal pain preferences because I was afraid it might hurt a lot more without it. I washed my hands with antibacterial soap and then all systems were go. I stuck my tongue out and pushed the push pin through. It actually didn't hurt until I had to get it through the bottom layer of skin. All the spit made my fingers slippery so it slipped out but I
got it through again and then I put a sterilized surgical earring butterfly back on it. An hour later I took the pushpin out and put the barbell through and started playing with it.

Pain: The actual piercing of the skin doesn't hurt in my opinion. It's the swelling. It feels like your tongue is really sore and talking and moving it is SUCH a hassle. I also advise that you don't change the barbell either until the swelling has really gone down BECAUSE it will just cause your tongue to become inflamed all over again...I should know. Other than that there is A LOT of drool, I was amazed at how much spit I was producing trying to get my earring back on the push pin.

Aftercare: I started with the ice immediately and swished with salt water because I had no alcohol free mouthwash unfortunately. I also refrained from eating anything because infection is actually pretty impossible because of the enzymes that kill bacteria in your mouth. It's the extras that cause infection. I'm pretty happy with it too. My tongue is a bit swollen but the saltwater really helps dull the pain and the ice is soothing. I'm really amazed that I had the balls to do it actually. I'm still not out of the clear yet though. I'm religious about swishing with diluted mouthwash and salt water and for the sake of not getting an infection, especially seeing as my piercing is a do it yourself I am not eating anything for a while.

I can't wait to buy different rings and play with it. I anticipate a lot of crap from people but I don't care, I'm not an idiot so I can handle myself.

Tips: Do not eat yogurt as good as a idea as it seems, you can develop a yeast infection in your mouth.

Do rinse your mouth out after everything you eat or do involving your mouth.

Do try to reduce the swelling with ice and try not to play with the ring too much because it will just slow down the healing process.

After the healing process, always keep your tongue level in your mouth while you eat to avoid biting on the jewelry. Finally, brush your tongue and jewelry each time you brush your teeth.

Good Luck!


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on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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