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my first major piercing!!

Ever since I had my cartilage pierced I immediately knew I didn't want to stop there. I had a bunch of piercings like my nose, industrial, tragus, etc. done but I have always wanted to get my tongue pierced because lets face it.. i'm addicted to piercings. I was only 16 years old at the time and my parents said they would kick me out of the house if I ever came home with it done. I never believed them but I didn't really want to test them with that either. Some of my friends were able to hide their tongue piercings from their parents and they tried to get me to do that, but I was always honest with my parents and decided it was best to just wait. So I decided to wait until I was 19. Well I've turned 19 and I started to want another piercing so I thought about it and went and had my tongue pierced about 3 days ago.

I called my friend Nicole and she wanted to go with me because she eventually wants hers done too and wanted to see what it was like. She faints really easily so she has to ease herself into a new piercing. We got in my car and drove off. We went to a place we always go to called Tainted Skin. The guys name is Edwin and he has done every single one of my piercings. It's a good idea to go somewhere you are familiar with or look into a lot before getting something done and know that they will do a wonderful and careful job and everything like the supplies and stuff they use is new and clean. Right when I got there he had me fill out some paperwork, looked at my license, get a copy of it, etc. We waited for about 5 minutes and went to the back of the shop, he had me swirl some bioten mouthwash in my mouth for about 30 seconds then I spit it out.

After I did that he dried of my tongue really well a couple of times and he marked the spot on my tongue, I took a look in the mirror and decided I was happy with it. So then he went on to tell me that he doesn't use the clamps for tongue piercings because he says too many people try and pull their tongues back inside their mouth. I was happy about this because people I've talked to tell me that's the worst part of the whole ordeal. Edwin had me stick my tongue out (I noticed I was very calm considering that there was about to be a big needle shoved through me but I kept my eyes closed for part of it anways) I stuck my tongue out and he held it, took the needle, and pierced my tongue from the bottom first then all the way up. I felt my tongue ripping as the needle went through, I was so interested in hearing my tongue rip that I hardly felt the pain at all. Before I knew it he had my piercing in and I was surprised to notice that it didn't hurt as bad as I thought. To me I t hink my nose piercing hurt worse. I paid him the 40 dollars it cost and gave him a tip, and then me and my friend immediately went to BK and got a cup of ice for me to put on my tongue. Eat a big meal before hand because you won't be able to for about a week or so.

I sucked on ice cubes the whole way home and all night long and I kept taking a bunch of Advil because I heard that helps prevent or take down the swelling. I noticed that the bottom of my piercing was in more pain than the top of my piercing was. After BK I went straight to a CVS and picked up a bunch of Advil, ice, mouthwash, some soft food just incase it swelled really bad. It's only been 3 days and my tongue has only swollen just a tiny bit but nothing too bad, I talk perfectly fine too. I only eat soft food like ice-cream and soup. I notice that the only time my piercing really gets sore is after I eat something and after I wake up in the morning but all I do is take some more Advil or ice and it goes away. I can't wait until my piercing fully heals so I can change the bar and fully enjoy my piercing. Over all it is my favorite piercing out of all of mine. Its only been three days and I already love playing with my tongue ring.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: edwin
Studio: tainted+skin
Location: crown+point

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