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Love my tongue ring

Ok, I should start off with a bit of background about myself! I'm 18 and have had a lot of piercing's in the past, I've had nose, belly button, ear lobes about 4 times and cartilage, 8 times! I also have a fairly low pain threshold. I had been thinking about getting my tongue pierced for about 2 years but was never able since my parents disapproved and said I had to wait until I was 18! So after a lot of humming and hawing, I decided I was going to get it done! But me being me, I kept putting it off! That was until last week! I had planned to go into Metal works to get some info on the piercing etc, and ended up being convinced to get it done there and then! I had no friends with me, which was the first time I didn't have support =[, so I was terrified, well you cant really blame me, I big needle was going to go through my tongue! But Luke convinced me all would be well!
He told me to go into the piercing room and to rinse my mouth with mouthwash twice so I did that an sat down on the chair! Luke marked on my tongue where he was going to put the piecing and then dried my tongue with tissue [ a very weird feeling by the way, a dry tongue lol ]
He told my to close my eyes, to stop myself from moving when I would have seen the needle coming! He said the whole thing would be over in 30 seconds and that he would count down for me. The first 4 seconds were the worst, the needle going through was quite sore, but not as sore as getting ear lobe piercing! Anyway then he put through the bar and it was done! I had to put my tongue in really carefully incase I would get it caught on my lower teeth! Boy, was it weird to have in your mouth for the first while! So I paid Luke and off I went =]! In the space of about maybe 20 minutes my tongue had slowen and I was talking really funny! I had to go to boots to buy the mouthwash [ oral B blue] and I couldn't say the word mouthwash, It came out like mthwsh!! Lol! All of my friends got a great laugh out of me for the whole day! When I went home that night, my speech had gotten worse but I could talk fine, it was just the pronunciation of the words that was the problem! I also couldn't eat a thing except for sucking on ice cubes! I went to bed early and when I woke my mouth was dry but that swelling had gone down a bit so I was very happy! I'm in college at the moment and had to go in for lectures. On the way I decided to stop for a smoothie because I hadn't eaten since I got it done the day before and was starving. But when I bought it, I discovered I couldn't suck through the straw =[ and had to drink it from the cup [ not easy] and also talking that day was difficult and the more I spoke the more the tongue hurt!
To cut along story short after 4 days I was as right as rain, I could talk, eat and drink and smoke perfectly! And also kissing is really fun with it ;) It only takes a week until your able to drink booze again! If your considering getting it done, so for it!! The cleaning is really easy as well, you have to rinse with mouthwash three times a day [ or after you smoke pot ] and rinse with hot water and salt twice a day [ this one is absolutely disgusting and burns your mouth for about a second or two] and that's the cleaning done! Another perk about this piering is that the healing time is really short and there is such a small chance of getting an infection in it [ Luke told me that the only way I would get an infection s if I went down on 20 guys at once in the first 2 weeks after the piercing] .Playing with it is really fun to, totally addictive. The initial few days are awful but once you hit that 4 day hurdle, you'll never look back, guaranteed!!! It was by far the easiest, most fun and the favourite piecing I have ever gotten! And from what my friends have told me, it makes kissing lots better!! Its also really fun to freak out your very old or very young relations by sticking i t out between your teeth =D! So I say, definatly go for it!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Luke
Studio: Metal+works
Location: Galway+City%2C+Ireland

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