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Double Tongue Web

This is the story about my double tongue web piercing.

I've always been such a huge fan of the pointless oral piercings like tongue webs, smilies and frownies. Of those three, my tongue web has been my favorite and the only one that's lasted an extended amount of time, hopefully forever.

I initially pierced my tongue web about six or seven months ago. One of very few things I've actually dedicated myself to. I looked up every bit of information I could, got the needed supplies and the nicest jewelry I could find. After much frustration and more work than expected, it was a masterpiece. Being a DIY piercing, I knew there were consequences, and I knew there were risks, however it was something I'm very glad I ended up doing myself. I can honestly say, even though it was such a simple piercing I've never felt so accomplished in my life. To me, there's so much more satisfaction out of piercing yourself, rather than having a stranger do so. It's a lot more personal, and means so much more.

Since it was the first real piercing I'd ever done myself, (aside from my ears) it was mostly just a learning experience. It survived about a month before I took it out. I stretched it up to about a 10g after initially piercing it at a 16g, (not the brightest idea for such a fresh piercing) it started to reject and I got scared.

After the loss of my first tongue web, I ventured into smilies and frownies. I didn't like the frowny on myself, but the smiley stayed around for a few weeks, until I couldn't get the ball back on when I took it out to change the jewelry. Without any kind of oral piercing I just felt naked, so I had to make up for my loss. Since I loved the tongue web so much, I tried doing it again. This time I pierced it back a bit further just in case it rejected. Really good idea on my part, it started to migrate a little bit but not much. The end result was exactly what I wanted and it was a huge success. I've had it now for about three months, and it's turned out very beautiful.

It hit me out of nowhere yesterday just how much I missed having a smiley. So, of course, I couldn't resist the piercing itch. I grabbed some topical and a needle, and soon discovered it just wasn't meant to be. Possibly because it was so spur of the moment, or maybe I was just meant to have a double tongue web. Since my mouth was already clean as could be and really quite numb, I just started poking around for a frowny. Again, it wasn't going to happen. Quite frustrated and totally bitten by the piercing bug, I went for another tongue web. This one, parallel to my first but a bit higher, was a match made in heaven. I'd seen a few pictures before of people with multiple tongue webs, so I knew it wasn't going to be impossible to heal. The fact that no one else I know has a tongue web, let alone two just makes it magical though.

There were a lot of precautions I didn't take this time though. I didn't use the right sized needle, so there was stretching involved, and then there were some issues with getting the jewelry on tight. I ended up starting with really large balls on a barbell, just so I could get them on and off easily, but it irritated the first piercing too much. With hardly any effort, I managed to get a much more dainty one in.

I'm pretty hopeful when it comes to the healing process. Although my first tongue web was pierced pretty widely just in case it might reject some, this one was not. It's a bit swollen, and as expected there's mild discomfort when I move my tongue but feels my speech is not affected and so far nothing's gotten tangled. There is the issue in that I can't stick my tongue out very far, but that aside all mobility is peachy. I'm hoping once it's healed to put in a second curved barbell, since it's been easier to clean in my experience.

I would like to offer some advice though, don't go for spur of the moment piercings. They can easily turn into something you'll regret and obviously might not turn out so wonderfully. If I should happen to lose my second tongue web, I'll be a bit sad but like the first time I tried it, it'll be a learning experience.

I would really love if anyone who has multiple tongue web piercings could contact me through IAM and let me know about their experiences.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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