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Word of Mouth

The title to this experience has more than one meaning, which you will understand once my story is finished.

I decided approximately three years ago that I wanted a second tongue piercing, but was disappointed to be told that I couldn't have a one. Determination is usually a virtue but in my case I should have been less determined and more cautious.

I went to ask if it was possible, and after some humming and hawing, yeah he agreed that it could be done, but only if I took out the one that I already had(that was crooked anyways) and waited two weeks. TWO WEEKS without a piercing I had had for five years? I didn't want to do it, but I did and it took a lot to get used to.

Two weeks later I went in to get my double tongue piercing. I was pretty excited, I felt like I basically had temporary A.D.D. I signed my papers and he got everything ready, I watched the typical glove change and as he laid everything out on a silver platter (don't you just wish everything happened that way?) and the unveiling of the barbells. I noticed both were only one inch bars, "are those BOTH one inch?" I couldn't help but ask, and I remember him saying something about putting a longer bar in the front TOO just in case.

I was stupid and thought 'the piercer knows best' but it kind of made me nervous, an inch? I went ahead and warned him that if it was held out too long I was a bit of a drooler (do you know how embarrassing it is to drool in front of someone when you're a grown woman?) but it ended up that the ball went on alright without too much fiddling, but there was initially a little thread issue.

The needle had fallen in my shirt and I grabbed it, being careful not to poke myself, so he wouldn't have to try to find it and besides, it was my blood anyways. Then he prepared for round two, placing the barbell in a paper towel in my lap, placing the clamps on my tongue and asking me if I was ready.

Of course I was, but it was so hard to -keep- my tongue out when the clamps were on because they were tight . Piercing for me are almost nothing but this one made my eyes water and he commented that I was really tough, but I was trying to concentrate on keeping my tongue out.

I couldn't, I went to swallow my drool and my tongue went in my mouth instinctively and I immediately tried to stick it back out, afraid that it may have pushed its way into my tongue and would hurt like HELL to try to get it back through that hole. It was fine, though it did take an agonizingly long time to put the ball on this time and I began to leak spit(I don't think you can put it any nicer than that) so I thanked god when he got the ball on and I wiped up my face.

All done? When he said I could look in the mirror I was shocked to see the back one was definitely off center. The back bar was slanted to the left on the top and to the right on the bottom, and the balls were way too close on the bottom of my tongue.

As naïve as I am I totally just said it was fine, thinking when the swelling went down that it wouldn't be so bad... the first couple days were hard to deal, I'd never had such a painful piercing in my life.

I knew the bar was too short because it began to 'sink' so two days after I got the piercing I went in and had the bar switched to a longer one for free, which didn't hurt at all.

A month passed and the bar was still overly crooked, which bugged me a lot. When I went in to say something about it, he told me when a smaller bar was put in it would even out... I had already put in a shorter bar, and the holes were way off.

Yesterday I was in a shop back home and asked for another bar, as much as it irritated me to be crooked, I had paid a total of 200 dollars for one straight piercing and two crooked ones... so I was reluctant to take it out.

Well, when he went to change the bar for me he saw how crooked it was. "are you not having that re-done?" he sounded disgusted. I told him I had spent enough money on my tongue and couldn't afford to shell out another 60 bucks just yet. Again he was shocked... "I meant for free." he told me he wouldn't put the bar in, and explained that if he had done work like that he would have offered to fix it for free.

I walked out with one less piercing, yes, he convinced me to take it out, BUT he also offered to re-do it for free, even though the work wasn't his. All he wanted was the before and after photos and my word of mouth if I was happy... and if I wasn't then he would quit his job(sarcastic and cocky of course).

It's hard to speak good words when the words that come out of your mouth don't sound good.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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