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The weirdest piercing of all!

I've had a quite a few piercing done. I've had my nose done twice (I had to take it out at one point and it closed and I had it repierced through the scar tissue), my Monroe, my eyebrow, and then just a set of single holes in my ear lobes which I currently have gauged to a 0. I knew though, as soon as I got my tongue pierced, I needed to post my story on BME.

I'd been planning on getting my tongue done for awhile, and each time I had planned on going, I either didn't have the money, didn't have anyone to go with, or just wasn't feeling have a needle shoved through me that particular day. But about 4 days ago, everything fell into place. I knew I wanted to go to On The Edge in Bowling Green because they had done the majority of my piercings. Although, I had been pierced by someone different each time I went in there, I have total trust in their entire piercing staff. Also, their piercings are extremely cheap due to the high amount of customers they receive. I only paid $10 for my tongue. I had also decided to get a 2nd set of ear lobe piercing done that day too.

My friend & co-worker, Marie, and I made the half hour drive to Bowling Green. Marie wanted to get her belly button redone because she took out her first one due to it being so crooked. When we got there, we filled out our paperwork and we were able to go back immediately. I made Marie go first, because for some reason it helps to calm my nerves when my friend goes first and I can see them survive their experience. When she was done, the piercer told me that she was going to do my tongue first. This was the exact opposite of what I had planned. I wanted my ears done first since I had experienced those before, but she explained that if she had done my lobes first it would make my tongue seem as though it hurt a lot worse.

She went ahead of had me rinse. I'm not sure what all was in the mouth rinse, but she warned me ahead of time that it was going to be salty, and it was. After, she explained to me what was going to happen and told me not to put my tongue back in my mouth until she said it was ok. At this point, I stuck out my tongue, she dried it off, clamped it, and stuck the needle through. Everyone says the clamp is the worst part and that the piercing itself doesn't hurt at all. It was the exact opposite for me! The clamp didn't bother me. It felt weird for someone else to have control of my tongue, because I could feel her pulling it out of my mouth and moving it around to check it out, but it didn't hurt. I could feel my tongue touching my lips when she moved it, but because it was so dry, I didn't even recognize it as my own tongue. This was a weird sensation. When she pushed the needle through, it was extremely painful! I would say that was the 2nd worst piercing I had got ten, the 1st being when I got my nose redone.

After she pierced it, she went ahead and put the jewelry in. She put the barbell in from the top, so she'd be screwing on the bottom ball. It would've been relatively quick, but she dropped the ball and had to grab another one. This was when I started drooling on myself which was kind of embarrassing, but I expected it. It was really weird because when she was screwing the ball on, I could feel the barbell spin in my tongue. Once I got the ok to put my tongue back in my mouth, I had to manuerved it, because it was hard to get the barbell back over my bottom teeth. But once it was back in, I immediately started talking to Marie to tell her how bad it hurt and what not, and she was surprised that I wasn't slurring or anything. At this point, the piercer went ahead and did my ear lobes.

After we left the shop, Marie and I walked to a gas station so I could get some ice water and some Advil and then we drove back home. That night was fine. I was eating beef jerky, but I was tearing it into tiny pieces and placing it in the back of my mouth. By the end of the night, the worst part was the barbell irritating the bottom of my mouth since my tongue hadn't started swelling yet. I could try to move my tongue, but the barbell would just fall straight through back onto my gums.

The next day was when my tongue began swelling, and it has yet to go back to normal. I haven't gotten too bad of a lisp, and when I do, I just drink some really cold water and I start talking somewhat normal again. It seems that T's are the hardest thing for me to say. By the 3rd day, I was eating normal again too. My boyfriend and I went to Pizza Hut since I had a horrible craving for Pizza and I ended up getting pasta because it was a softer food. I also ate some breadsticks that I cut up into tiny pieces. I prefer to eat with plastic silverware. I don't know if its because I have a permanent retainer and that's just too much metal in my mouth, but my mouth feels really weird when I use metal silverware.

Overall, its been an alright experience. I think if I had stayed on liquids and mushy foods, my tongue would go back to normal since I've probably strained it, but who knows. The swelling it bearable, and its not making a major impact on my life, and I know that as soon as the swelling goes down and I can change the barbell, and it will be apart of me and it will be beautiful!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Location: Bowling+Green%2C+OH

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