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Terrible Tongue Piercing

It was the year I turned eighteen. It was the fall. I was a freshman in college. Everyone that I had befriended had decided that, now that we were all of age, we should go get something pierced or tattooed. Most of us had registered to vote, played lotto, bought porn, purchased tobacco products or what have you. You know, all the things everyone who turns 18 feels the need to do to prove their adulthood. I had always liked the idea of having a barbell through my tongue. I don't know why. But people with tongue piercings always fascinated me.
There were a plethora of tattoo and piercing studios in the vicinity. Some had good reputations for many things. Hell, we were within 10 minutes of the famous Pleasurable Piercing. (But apparently it was closed on the day I went on the search for a hole in my tongue).
Did I do my research? NO.
Did I put an ounce of thought into the whole affair? NO. What did I do? I drove around until I found a place that was open at that exact moment.
The first thing that should have tipped me off as to why getting pierced at this place was a bad idea was the fact that there were photos on the wall of people with bandannas over their faces all sporting matching ink. The second thing should have been the guy in the chair getting tattooed with the same image as those in the pictures. And the third, the shop's vicinity to Paterson, NJ (home to gangs and several "sleeper cells" of al quaeda).
It all started out well. The dude lined up the dots on either side of my tongue. He used a clamp. The needle came out of a sterile package (supposedly). He popped the needle right on through and inserted the barbell. Done. Or so I thought. Then all hell broke loose. I bled. Not a little drop. Not for a short time. I BLED. Like a stuck pig, I bled. The bleeding went on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Thick, dark, oxygen rich blood. I went through, oh, I don't know how many paper towels, but I kept pulling them off the roll and packing my tongue with them. Then finally, the bleeding stopped. By the next day I encountered more problems. Apparently the barbell this guy used was too short. My guess would be that it was a half-inch. The swelling of my tongue had completely engulfed the barbell. I do not know if it was supposed to swell that much, or if it was because the restriction of circulation imposed by the jewelry. Regardless, my tongue filled my mouth. I
could barely speak or swallow. (Some people said this was perfectly normal). Later the day following the piercing incident I had to work for my father. He was (and is) so anti anything body mod related. (So much so that even today, with me at age 26, he still gets bothered when I come home with something new). I avoided speaking to (or trying to speak to) him at all costs. It didn't work so well with my mom. She teaches high school and is used to dealing with teenagers trying to conceal things like that. She called me out almost instantly. (Within seconds of our first conversation of the day, "What's in your mouth? You have your tongue pierced don't you?"). But she never told my dad.What I am trying to get to is that, in the town where I was working was a fairly reputable tattoo and piercing studio. With my mouth full of swollen tongue I went to them for advice. The woman at the studio was shocked at the size of my tongue. But even more so at the shortnes s of the barbell. AND even more so at the angle (crooked as all hell) and the proximity to that giant vein running through my tongue. She told me that I really should take it out.I told her I really didn't want to do that.So we came to a compromise. She sent me to CVS to get glyoxide. If that didn't help with the swelling, she said that I should then take it out. I glyoxided it like crazy. It helped a little. A day or two later I got a brilliant idea. I went and bought a longer barbell. I took out the short one and managed to get the longer one through the hole. I continued glyoxiding, listerining, and icing it. Eventually it got better. After all was healed everyone I consulted (piercers and piercees) had all sorts of things to say about this whole tongue debacle. 1. It is too far back. 2. It is incredibly crooked. 3. My tongue is too veiny and they would have never done it.4. When what happened happened, they would have taken it
out and given up. But I was determined. I got it to work. I still have it today.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Some+ghetto+guy
Studio: Blackwork+Tattoo
Location: Little+Falls%2C+NJ

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