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Piercing #2, My Tongue Piercing Experience

After my first piercing which was a Prince Albert I thought it would be over for me, I got the piercing I wanted and that was it. Then when I explored more of BME, I was hooked and wanted to get more, and my major goal is to get my tongue split. Though research and talking to a former piercer I decided to get a tongue piercing in hopes of stretching out the hole in my tongue and prevent or limit re-growth. 

The major problem for me at the time was I was in school, yes I have a job but the job required me to speak to about two dozen people a day and I'm going to school to work in TV Broadcasting and communication is important, the healing time would of prevented me from doing my job, also I was planning to have surgery in the summer so winter break would be around the time I would be able to get my tongue pierced. But with thanks to my insurance company denying me and being transferred to work as a filing clerk I decided to get it done.

It started on Friday July 11, 2008; I got paid and didn't go into work and the only thing I needed to do is visit the college bookstore to get some Advil. Afterwards I headed to Cambridge Ma. and went to Chameleon Tattoo & Body Piercing; while I was waiting I noticed that I have the feeling to vomit and it made me concerned, I had a similar feeling after I got my Price Albert. The feeling went away as fast as it came.

A few minutes later I meet Owen and he was more then nice to me, I was there for two piercing and first started with the tongue piercing, he started with giving me some mouth wash, I washed my mouth but I wondered what to do with the mouthwash, so I swallowed it. A split second later he said that I can spit the liquid back out into the cup. I told him I just swallowed it. He looked and said "it's ok" and went forward. He next dried my tongue and placed the dot where the needle would go though, as he was placing the dot he explained some of the after care, he didn't use a clamp which somewhat worried me because during the time I had to keep my tongue out I would relax the tongue and would keep going back into my mouth, I didn't want to flinch and as he was piercing it hurt himself caused by my accident. Funny how that though of all that in that one second. But it would only be a second that

He told me it was very important to breathe out when he was pushing the needle though so it would be less painful. So as I kept my tongue out as much as possible I just waited for the event to happen. So as I breathe out he began to pierce my tongue which was surprisingly not painful which help since Owen told it's not that painful as people think. After he did that he placed the bar in and screwed in the little ball and was done, when I started talking I did sound funny. Some people who know me can argue that I always talked funny and I just sound even funnier, I hate my voice but I digress. Afterwards he gave me aftercare instructions and after getting my other piercing I headed off.

The major pain is that the tongue webbing was being irritated by the steel ball and I just hope it won't get swollen the next day. Another thing is I didn't notice or taste blood when I got pierced but when I was on the train I for some odd reason started tasting blood, I honestly for that moment didn't know where it was coming from or why I was tasting it, then I realized because I have the tongue piercing, but also I felt that the bar may have moved up or down or I have had played with it too much causing some of the blood to creep out, I washed it out with some water and the taste didn't come back.

Eating and Drinking the Day of Piercing:

The only thing that was concerning me was swallowing food and water as it is harder to do now. I stopped by the supermarket to get some food for work for the next few weeks; I stopped by to get dinner which was mashed potatoes, and yogurt. I allowed the potatoes to cool off before I dug into them. I took a first spoonful and carefully chewed it and swallowing. I took my time, the potatoes required me to chew and because it was thick it played with my piercing, about 5 spoonfuls I called it quits, the yogurt I had no problem with.

Day One after Piercing:

I woke up to my discovery that I need to speak carefully, when I spoke I found that I mumbled, the swelling is didn't help, I woke up and first washed my mouth out with mouthwash, I did the same thing before bed and did it again when I woke up, I started eating Banana & Strawberry yogurt (6oz cup), which would take about less then 5 minutes to finish took around 10 minutes to eat. Another thing I've noticed is that when I do chew I sometimes get the bar involved and almost bit the ball which is a good reason to eat foods that require little to no chewing.


The major problem was having mouthwash at work; I worked at an office and the rather having people ask why I was caring around mouth wash I placed the mouthwash in a 1 litter ginger ale bottle and no one was the wiser, I only told those who really needed to know, the good thing was that I work in a filing room and stay their about ¾ of the day, but I need to talk to my other co-workers and they need to talk to me if they need a file found or folder, or other such wonderful things, while most of them didn't notice, two co-workers did find out when I was talking them and stopped me in mid-sentence and asked if I got my tongue pierced. They were cool with it but my supervisor is over 40 and my direct supervisor was over 60, I didn't want them to think negative about me, even though the job lasted for the summer time.

Replacing the Bar

After healing and so forth I went on with my life, but as I went out to eat or chewed gum etc. I bit the ball more and more and one point I got sick of it, Owen told me to come back two weeks after piercing but I was unable to do so due to some personal and financial issues, but after about 6 weeks I went back and got a shorter bar (5/8's) and I asked own if I can go to a 12 or 10g. He said I can go to a 10g, he placed a needle down the hole and it was more of an intense feeling when he played the needle in, seconds later it was over. Owen told me that I can go to an 8g at the end of September. I'm exited because my overall goal is to have my tongue split, I hope to do so.


I only leave this advice for those who want to get a tongue piercing, read the directions that your piercer gives to you for after care and return ASAP to replace the bar or you might chip a tooth like I almost did.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Owen
Studio: Chameleon+Tattoo+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Cambridge%2C+MA

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