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My Tongue Piercing 25/07/08

I've always wanted a piercing so I decided to get my tongue pierced (as its interesting but also easy to hide for work). My boyfriend, my two best friends and I were going into Sydney for Sexpo, so I thought "Hey, that would be the perfect opportunity".


For about a week in I read up on tongue piercings with my main focus on what can go wrong. While some of the stories scared me a bit I was still determined.

I then researched a few different piercing parlours in different areas and found this really professional one, Polymorph Piercing. I called up and talked to one of the piercers (it was actually the owner and he had been piercing for 8 years) and he answered all my questions, talked me through the procedure and we talked about why I wanted it done. He was genuine and wasn't pushy, and after talking to him I decided that they were the perfect place to go to.


I called an hour before my appointment to confirm I was going to be there. I had no trouble finding the studio. It was in this upstairs office and there were comfy couches and photos of customer's piercings around the walls. There was one large piercing room and two smaller ones. They had different jewellery on display in glass cases, and sterilised jewellery under the glass counter.

I filled out some paper work and then met with my piercer.

My piercer had quite a few piercings herself, and she talked me through the process and all the aftercare before putting on gloves, getting tweezers and picking out my jewellery (very sterile which calmed me down alot). She showed me the equipment that she would be using, and explained what it would feel like. She then had me rinse out my mouth and marked out the spot.


My boyfriend was holding my hand, and my best mate Sam was watching. The piercer clamped my tongue and it hurt a bit. That was the most painful part though - the clamping. It was just a pinch on my tongue, and then she pushed the needle through.

I'd just like to point out, I'm really bad with needles. I almost passed out at school when we had a Hep B vaccination needle. But my tongue piercing - it was great. They told me to have lots of ice, rinse it with salt water and non-alcoholic mouthwash. It felt awkward when they put the bar through, and I hated having to hold my tongue out for that long.

My hand was white and dark red from my boyfriend squeezing it so hard. I didn't even cry so I was proud of that. Sam told me I was whimpering a bit but hey, I was slightly terrified at the time.


It was expensive - $92.50 with a student discount or otherwise I think its $120 (both prices include jewellery and change-down) - but I recommend going there as they really know what their doing, very professional and absolutely no problems. My friend tried to get me to go to Jazz U Up in Campbelltown as its only $60 with jewellery but I thought I'd play it safe and play the extra $32.50.


The swelling was a bit bad (but thats normal) and I couldn't eat solid food for about 4 days. I love my tongue piercing though; I have 13 different bars and change them myself about 3 times a week.


My parents flipped out when they found out, but myself being 18... well they realised they couldn't really do anything about it! My boyfriend thinks it's a little weird but cool, and my best mate, Sam, loves it. Her Mum was inspired to go get a tattoo after she saw my tongue and she's contemplating another piercing (she has her nipple done I think...). All my friends from High School couldn't believe I'd done it. It's a great conversation starter, especially when I put my "Bitch" bar in!


Now I'll talk about the talking. I'm a big talker and was worried that I wouldn't be able to speak. I started talking straight after it and made sure I kept talking so my mouth and tongue would get used to the bar. I had a slight lisp for about a month after getting it done, and I lisp slightly sometimes if I'm talking too much or too fast but that's just because my tongue gets a little bit lazy.

The main problem I had was the no kissing rule. I only kissed my boyfriend about 3 times in those 4 weeks after getting my tongue done - and even then I'd spend about 10 minutes cleaning out my mouth after. But it's better to be safe then sorry...

I'm now considering getting my navel done because I had such a good experience with my tongue.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: I%27m+not+sure+of+her+name
Studio: Polymorph+Piercing
Location: Newtown%2C+NSW

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