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DIY tongue web

I started getting into body modifications when i was in grade 7, i was fascinated by your average lip piercings, monroes, helixes, whatever. It wasn't until grade 9 that i finally started looking into them. I had my own DIY lobes (2 in left and 3 in right) that i was proud of piercing myself during the beginning of grade 9. After the end of grade 9 and receiving my tragus (done professionally) after hours of begging and negotiating with my parents in may, i was bored again of not having a piercing to look forward to by the end of summer.

I started looking through bme of course to find something reasonable and not totally 'out there' that i could convince my parents into letting me have. I have totally oldschool, strict parents so i knew most piercings were out of the question, especially facial ones. I knew i definitely didn't want anymore on my ears, i thought 6 was enough and if i got any more it'd just be too excessive, plus i was craving a non-ear piercing.

My friend told me about the tongue web when summer had just started but I never really considered it, I didn't think it was particularly great but I didn't think it was hideous or anything. I guess in 2 months you change a lot though, because at the beginning of September I set my mind on it. After doing tons of research, reading up stories on bme and looking through the pictures I was absolutely in love with the tongue web. I was certain my parents would say no, so i was willing to wait 10 months for my birthday, and get it (the age piercers pierce around here without parent permission at 16, and i'm still 15). But, as the week continued, and I talked to people I knew personally about their webs and realized most of there's were DIY.

Realizing this, I was determined to do it myself. I have a totally mind over matter kind of thinking and I believe I can handle almost anything reasonable. I researched it the entire weekend, learned of its (unfortunately) high rate of rejection, and where it should be placed. On Monday, after school, I went with a couple of friends to a local shop in Streetsville that sells work of local artists, band tees, spacers, you get the point, and got a sterilized 16g needle that they give out free from Peel Health and bought an 18g curved barbell.

I went home and prepared myself for my piercing, I locked myself in my washroom and pulled out my needle and barbell. I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth, and boiled the jewelery clean then rinsing it in salt water. I picked a spot as deep in the web as i could reach, and stuck the needle through, straight, fortunately. I watched as the needle go in, and as gross as it did look it didn't hurt at all, it felt like a tiny pinch. I quickly took out the needle and stuck in my barbell. It took me about an hour to get the ball on, it was really frustrating and many times I wanted to give up but didn't. I ended up stuffing the side with the ball on with tissue paper so that the barbell wouldn't slide around and the other ball was sticking out. I held the barbell with my one finger and then used tweezers to twist the ball on. My parents don't know about it, although they were a bit suspicious to why i was in the washroom for that long. I went to bed happy with the fact that I did it myself and that it was my first non-ear piercing and excited to show my friends tomorrow.

The next day, I realized i had a little lisp, and tried to avoid eating foods that were too chewy. It was going pretty good until second period, my ball came unscrewed, but i quickly screwed it back (thankfully this time it only took me like 10 minutes) on and then I was fine. I rinsed my mouth after eating my lunch with saltwater and was careful not to play with it too much. Everyone asked about it, and people either thought it was pretty awesome or gross, but I could care less. I mean, it's my piercing and it's not like you can see it all the time- you don't need to look at it if you don't want to. I'm pretty happy about it, and I still am.

If you want your web pierced, I say go for it. If you want to do it yourself, I can't really tell you not to do it, but if you do just be careful everything you use is sterile and that you take care of it. If this is your first time piercing, it's probably not a good idea to experiment with this. If you're hesitant about doing it yourself, you're probably better off going to a professional then.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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