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Center piercing, take 3!

Although I cannot accurately place the experience on the exact time span (BME does not offer my choice :{ ), I will say that this took place 3 years ago. Being a big body modification in general, I started plucking at my own ears at the age of 10 or even 9. My mother of course disapproved immensely, but having an older sister whose record isn't exactly clean on the BM front, I decided that nevertheless I would still achieve those "dreams" I had.

Getting too bored with my ears and too young to try a facial piercing myself, I decided that my tongue was the best option for me! Now came the difficult choice, deciding on the time. Fortunately for me, my nuclear family is spread over two continents, so my mother often travelled to see my other sisters. When this happened, I was living practically as an only child, having all of my sisters moved out (we are 4).

On October 2005, my mother left for Argentina and I took advantage of that time span, which was about a month. Knowing sufficiently about piercings at the time, I frowned upon un-professional piercers but my case was special, I believed. I'm already prone to defy the laws of nature, because at age 13 I did look a lot older.

One day, as I was thinking about who could possible to this piercing, I went to the movies with my best friend. Whilst there, one of her previous "boyfriends" stumbled upon us and being quite the flashy, cool guy, you could clearly see the shiny, metal barbell that lolled around this wide open mouth, as if it wasn't obvious enough, he'd emphasized it even more. I knew he couldn't possibly be over 18, so I asked him where he'd gotten it. It didn't look infected and he could speak clearly, so I figured it must have been a decent place, or at least with a trained person.

Semi-trained was the answer that slapped me in the face when I found out that the man who's deed this was, just got out of some military training as a paramedic, and being too much of a lazy person to continue, figured he'd take advantage of the naive kids who were desperate to skip the trouble of time-space and wait until their 18th birthday and get right to the piercing and knowing a thing or two about needles and vein/artery positioning in the body, he pierced these kids who didn't know better. I was told he used to hang on the "backyard" of the mall, where all of "society's rejects" and "misunderstood souls" used to loiter around.

I spotted him because he was the only person that looked over 30. I had called him earlier to casually set an "appointment". I introduced myself and stated clearly what I wanted, without hesitation. He might have been old, but apparently he didn't know I was 13 because the flirtation was unbearable. I scheduled with him for next week. Apparently I had to buy my own needles and my own Listerine and my own barbell. So knowing enough about it, I went to the pharmacy and purchased a 16g needle (1,3mm for all you metric fans) and some Listerine. I also bought a long barbell, in which the balls were black. Knowing my father, a simple tongue biting excuse would work. Saturday came and I went with my best friend to get this puppy over with. I asked him where we'd do it, because apparently there wasn't anywhere enclosed enough to do this. He directed me to the corner of the outside of the mall, in which you would get a pretty restricted view if you were just passing by, but no way to
miss it if you actually walked in the opposite direction. I was getting really nervous, more because of the location than anything else.

He marked the center with a marker and then handed my friend over some napkins and asked her to hold my tongue for him. I was shocked. But I decided to carry on anyways. I was drooling excessively but we all ignored it. The moment came in which he was going to put the needle in, and I was terrified. Just as we was about to put it in, he dropped the needle. Unbelievable. I was dumbfounded and he was furious. Then I was furious, as I had to go buy another needle because of his incompetence. I bought another one and came back. Take 2!! As he got it through, my pressure dropped and my eyes rolled back in my sockets, my friend thought I was possessed, as she later told me. Ok! The needle is in! Now for the easy part. While he was putting on the barbell, it turned out that the needle had come in the wrong package and was a 14g. I was even more furious because it didn't fit. Being quite the tempered person I am, I made him go buy me another barbell or another needle, whichever was b est for him if he didn't wanted to get reported (yes, I am that mean).

So he came back with another needle, and making sure that it was the right size, he removed the other tube and market a spot extremely close to my failed attempt #2. Number 3 was as it should have been in the beginning. Insert needle. Remove needle and cut tube. Insert barbell and slide down along with tube. Remove tube. Rinse with Listerine. We're all happy and we can get on with our lives.

It was sore and swollen for about a week. I ate tomatoes, and drank milk, ignoring all the advice I got. It was especially painful when I accidentally bit my tongue or when I bit the ball and it fell. It was hell but my father didn't even notice. In school, it was big news for the social spectrum. I got asked bizarre things, and most of them were all about making out with a piercing.

I'm 16 and I still have my tongue piercing, the one which I started my exciting journey through body modifications, and I couldn't be happier.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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