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You know that little thing beneath your tongue?

Living Canvas in Winter Haven, Florida is my body mod shop of choice and recommend them for any tattoo or piercing you may have in mind. With that being said, I work in a professional environment and already have several concealable piercings.

I was itching for another piercing and Brittany had already pierced my helix flawlessly. Seeking a new concealable piercing was becoming tedious until I came across the tongue web, or tongue frenulum, and was instantly intrigued. I let Brittany know that I was interested but as a semi-new piercer I wanted her to have a chance to research the piercing. Not to mention, I wanted to be satisfied with my own research so that I knew what to expect with this uncommon piercing. About a week later, confident that I knew enough about the piercing to do it myself I told Brittany I was ready. She was also ready so we went into her piercing room, which is by far the cleanest piercing room I've ever seen in my life.

I was a little nervous because I get nervous every time I get a new piercing or tattoo, even though I've had about 20 piercings and I have about 15 tattoos. Brittany is very confident in her work and it helped keep me relaxed. From watching her pierce before and having her pierce me before I knew that her movements are fluid and she's as gentle as gentle can be in her line of work. Brittany gave me Listerine and I swished while singing the happy birthday song in my head. You never realize just how long that song is until you are annihilating the army of bacteria that burns the life out of your mouth. The Listerine was probably the worst part about the entire piercing.

With gloves on she prepared the sterile gloves and laid out the 18 ga. curved needle, the cork, and the jewelry which was a captive bead ring (CBR). After looking at the piercing site she determined that there wasn't enough room to use clamps and she'd have to pierce it free hand. I remind you this is the first time that she's done this piercing. I opened wide and she pinched the web and positioned the needle. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain as my lip pinched against my teeth. I had my eyes closed because Brittany was pretty close and I didn't really have a desire to look deep into her eyes..you understand. Before I knew it she's messing with the ball and it occurred to me that the piercing had already happened and I was completely unaware of it. Somehow she got the ball in with ease right as I could feel myself starting to drool.

I think both of us were shocked at the relative ease of this piercing. In our research we had learned that there aren't really any nerve endings in the tongue web and that people who have had it done have relatively no pain. I didn't realize that I would feel absolutely nothing other than having my lip accidentally pinched against my lip. Immediately my mouth felt unusual but I was very pleased with the piercing. I felt no swelling or uncomfortability for the first few hours, but some soreness set in about 3 hours later, but not bad enough to impair my speech or put me in pain. For about a week it was difficult to free food that was stuck in the corners of my mouth but ultimately, it's been the easiest piercing to take care of.

During healing, which for me lasted about a week, I tried to brush my teeth after every meal and if I couldn't do that I would use Listerine or Listerine strips. Listerine strips are quick, effective, and discreet so they work perfectly. The only thing I'm not in love with about it is that regardless of brushing my teeth twice a day it is a bit of a plaque magnet so I have to take extra time to clean it. To clean it I swish warm water for about a minute and then brush (CAREFULLY) the jewelry to remove any plaque and build-up. My favorite part so far has been the occasional shock value I get from showing it to friends.

I'm often asked why would I pierce that and my answer is simply why not? Before I saw it, it never even occurred to me that someone could pierce that part, especially since it's a body part I don't usually think of. I pierced my tongue web just to have the experience and to be able to enjoy a piercing that no one would ever see without me showing it to them. If you have a question about how might it interfere with a standard tongue piercing then have no fear. I have my tongue pierced as well and every once in a while the two will latch together but they don't get stuck together. If this is an issue you think you might have then you can also put a barbell or curved barbell instead of CBR. Any other questions about my experience and I hope I can answer them.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Brittany
Studio: Living+Canvas
Location: Winter+Haven%2C+FL

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