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tongue web - second time around

I've already had a tongue web piercing before - maybe about half a year ago, but the barbell fell out and the holes closed up before i could get it back in. But I can say for a fact, that I am absolutely in love with the tiny, secret, piece of metal hidden under my tongue.

I decided maybe a week ago to re-pierce my tongue web. I had been missing it for a long time, but never really got around to it. So yesterday, I finally did it. Yes, it was a DIY piercing, and though I don't reccomend anyway to do their piercings themselves, I do think that they can turn out successful if you're careful enough.

I'm 16, and this whole deal was done in secret, as it was the time before this, so I didn't exactly have a wide array of resources open to me, like hollow 16g needles (which I can tell you right now, would have made my job a hell of a lot easier). But what I did have was a safety pin (sounds safe, right? lol), disinfectant for my bathroom which i took time to clean properly, plastic gloves, 18g spiral barbell, biotene, and pure determination.

I first cleaned my entire bathroom: sinks, countertop, any place that my barbell or safety pin might touch. Then came the disinfecting of the pin and the barbell. Yes, yes, yes, I've heard rubbing alcohol "doesn't work", but I'm sure it helps, so hooplah! I brushed my teeth, and tongue, and all over, swished biotene around in my mouth, and spit. I washed my hands, put the plastic gloves on, and took hold of my shiny, pointy pin.

I sucked my tongue up to the roof of my mouth, picked a proper spot, and pushed the pin through. It went through almost all the way, but the last little layer of skin is always a tough cookie and requires some extra oomph. I finally got it to pop right through, and from previous experience, knew to leave the safety pin in. So i closed the safety pin, swished some more biotene, and went to bed not long after.

Why, you ask, would I ever leave a safety pin in my mouth while I sleep? The answer is, I knew I wouldn't be able to get my spiral barbell into the freshly pierced holes without a big fight, and I didn't feel like making myself sore when I could just wait a day for the hole to open up and loosen a bit more.

So today, a couple hours ago, I put the spiral barbell in, which slipped right in like a dream, and had to spend about an hour trying to screw the ball on the end. Such a hassle, but that's what you get with 18g rings. I'll leave the 18g in for a while, and upgrade myself in about a week to a 16g, which is much easier to clean, and get in and out, seeing as it has bigger balls which make it easier to screw them on and off.

My personal advice to everyone, is, if you're piercing your tongue web yourself, be prepared to not be able to get the barbell in immediately. What happens a lot of the time with some people is that they hastily take out the needle, and once they get to putting the ring in, they either can't find the holes, or the holes have closed up. This is important people, don't be hasty! If you don't have a hollow needle, you're gonna have to leave in whatever you pierced your web with in for a little while. Maybe a few hours? I sleep overnight with it in just to make sure. The holes should be more visable by the next day. Also, don't be a fool when it comes to cleaning your piercing. WHILE piercing it, clean everything!!!! Believe me, nothing is ever TOO disinfected. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. Once you have your barbell in, rinse your mouth out with alcohol-free mouth wash after eating or drinking anything that isn't water, i personally recommend biotene, you can buy it almost anywhere. D on't touch the piercing with your fingers unless you've washed them! Resist temptation. Lassttttly, be prepared for plaque. It will build up on the balls of your barbell, and just on your barbell in general. Once your piercing is healed, you can brush it away any old time with your toothbrush (i find that hooking one ball at a time over your bottom teeth and brushing that way is way easier) but while it's still healing, I'd be very careful and gentle with it while brushing. Keep in mind that by brushing, you may unintentionally unscrew a ball, or loosen one.

Last minute pieces of advice, check the tightness of the balls before bed- you don't want them falling out when you sleep. And also! Have spare balls and barbells on hand at all times. I have an extra small ziploc bag with an extra barbell, complete with two balls, and I carry it around with my in my pocket or purse.

Hope this story helps someone find success in their DIY adventure!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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