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Tongue Piercing - Spur of the moment

Okay, so I just recently pierced my tongue on Monday (Four days ago) and let me tell you my experience.

I have my ears done three times on each side, my nose pierced and my lower side lip pierced. My ears were nothing, my nose did hurt a bit but I would probably do it again if I had to take this one out. My lip did not really hurt me. I've had my lip done for 10 months now and I love it! My nose I have had for 1 year and one month and I think it is so adorable! Before doing those piercings I had done some research but I was really sure I wanted them. If you have any questions about those, email me.

I have only wanted my tongue pierced for about 3 months before I actually did it. I saw my friend do it and I kept saying I would never do it, because it lots so painful. Well, I started doing my research about a week before the piercing. I was extremely nervous!!! The horror stories you read and the things that can go wrong really mess with your mind. So me and my friend Rachael decided to do it together and she actually ended up not getting it done. But anyways... I have had my lip done by Shawn and I think he is an awesome piercer. I love his work, he also does tattoos. The studio is very clean and sterile, I have seen them clean their tools and I have hung out there many times before going through with the piercings. I signed the form and was sat down in the chair. He examined my tongue and made sure it could be pierced. He then had me rinse out my mouth with some mouth wash. My friends were there right next to me holding my hands. I had asked several people before the pi ercing of their experiences and they swore to me that it didnt hurt at all. They said it was the least painful piercing they had gotten. I DID NOT believe them. He marked the spot on my tongue and then put the clamp on and I closed my eyes. He got the needle ready and asked me if I was ready, I nervously said yes. Shawn told me to take a deep breath and as I did then went the needle through my tongue. The pain was nothing. It really did not hurt getting it pierced. I could hear the needle ripping through my tongue though and that did gross me out. I started drooling as he put the barbell through and my friends were laughing at me. As soon as he was done with the jewelery, he had me rinse my mouth again with mouth wash. It was very hard to swallow and spit!!! I did bleed a little but not much. I had eaten a sandwich before the piercing because I knew I would not be eating that night. I just kept trying to drink ice water and not talk very much. I did have a slight lisp, I cou ld not pronounce my S's and T's very well. It is day four and I am still swollen and I still can not eat anything solid. The second night I had it done, I tried to eat pasta and it was so complicated I just gave up. I have thought a few times about taking it out but I keep reading other stories and they seem to say the same thing and once its healed they love it. I take ibprofen and I use mouthwash after every time I try to eat and gargle saltwater in the morning and at night. The long barbell does make everything harder. You have to basically learn new techniques with this piece of metal in your mouth. I have had the white yellow plasma come out but I just use a paper towel when I feel it on my tongue. It is very painful first thing in the morning, I have no idea why but I just drink my ice water and take my pills and then it goes back to normal. Sometimes there are pinching feelings but those go away too. I am happy I did it because I love playing with my lip ring so I fig ured I would love playing with my tongue ring too. Its just the healing process that sucks!

I would say, if you want it, go for it. The actual needle does not hurt but the healing does.
Everyone is different though so you might not have as much swelling as others do, or you may have more. It depends on how well you care for your piercing also. I would say do your research before you get it done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Shawn
Studio: Living+Canvas
Location: Beaumont%2C+Ca

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