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Tiny tongue for venoms

So, I got my venoms done today!

I have been considering it for a couple of years but because of being a trainee teacher, piercings are not really allowed. I figured the piercing would be ok to hide with retainers and also if I could get them placed as far back as possible. I also don't like central tongue piercings very much and as I have both my nostrils pierced symmetrically and various other mirrored piercings I thought they would look good. The only problem is my DAMN TINY TONGUE!

I've always had a prominent tongue web, and did pierce it, but very rarely wear the jewellery. I did not think I would be able to get venoms because of this, plus I can't stick my tongue out very far at all and would not compromise this for a forward placement.

Luckily, I went to the local piercers (who I've seen for 3-4 other piercings) and it turned out better than expected. They had moved to a new studio, so everything was nice and new. Also because I knew the piercer I felt more comfortable asking questions about the procedure and placements and explained why I wanted the placement as far back as possible.

I have never had my tongue pierced before, and expected it to be a totally different experience to any of my other piercings...and well it was! It was one of my most challenging piercings in that you actually have to do something, you have to keep your tongue out, not swallow etc, so its fairly hard work!

After the marking and rinsing and numbing etc it was time to begin. When she tried to put the clamps on it proved more difficult than expected due to my tiny tongue, and the placement had to be moved forward a little, but not by too much. The first was fine, I could feel the needle go through but I couldn't really say that it actually caused pain for the length of time it took.

Now, the 2nd was different. I had started to feel a little woozy, and I haven't felt like that from a piercing in years. I tried to stick it out for the next venom but as she was trying to clam the tongue (which did hurt this time because of it being so close to the other) I started sweating all over and had to lie down.

I was only down for a minute or so, then felt ready for the next one, I'm glad I had a break. The clamp still hurt a lot but it went on easier this time and the piercing itself did hurt in comparison to the first side, this said- it really wasn't too bad at all.

The strangest feeling was having a numb mouth, they did bleed a little and I got through some tissue after dribbling so much- but that's the fun part!

Because of my 'tiny tongue' the placement of the bottom beads are touching together, either side of my tongue web then they slant backwards and outwards. I personally think it looks pretty and it suits me, which is important to me.

At the moment, it has been about 6-7 hours since I got it done. So far the most annoying thing is the length of the bars, because of the allowance for swelling. I really hope that I can get them downsized soon, my tongue hasn't completely swollen up, but from the experiences I've read, the next day tends to be the worst. You really do have to be prepared for not being about to eat or drink properly, even after a few hours it gets 'old fast'. I don't know if it just me ether, but I am dribbling loads, it keeps pooling under my tongue and swallowing is not the easiest thing

Still, I'm going to stick it out, I will be so happy when I can get smaller balls and smaller bars, then I will truly see if I can talk and eat properly- I'm sure I will. I don't think I fully realised the extent that it will affect my life over the next couple of weeks, I guess I can't say for sure as it's only the first day but I definitely would not manage going to Uni or working whilst it is healing.

The worst part for me about getting a piercing is not the pain, not the lead up, not the clamps, not even the aftercare and healing...but telling the parents. After 5 years of getting pierced they still aren't happy. So to anyone else out there who have parents that don't understand you aren't the only ones. There is always that glimmer of hope that mom will turn around and say "oh, I like that one, it suits you". It never happens.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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