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My Tongue Piercing

About three weeks ago, I decided that I really wanted to get my tongue pierced. I ran the idea by my mom, and seeing as I'm only 15, she said no. I decided to drop the subject for a couple of days, knowing her pretty well. I knew she'd bring it up again on her own and tell me what her reasons for saying no were.

About 4 days later, we saw my neighbor, Chad. I've always known deep down that Chad had his tongue pierced, but I never actually thought about it. He yawned, and with the idea of tongue piercings freshly in our heads, my mother noticed, as did I. She asked to see it, and he stuck his tongue out. She didn't say anything, but once we got in the car, she randomly said I could do it. I was so surprised and excited. I asked her what changed her mind, and apparently a long time ago, she saw a guy with his tongue pierced, except his tongue was gauged. She said it was about the size of a thick straw, and I explained to her how little they normally were, but you could choose to get them bigger (which I didn't want.)

As soon as it was a definite yes, I texted my good friend Bernadette (everyone calls her Bean), and I told her what had happened. (This was all on a friday). Once I got home, I researched a lot about tongue piercings, and decided I wanted to get it done that upcoming Thursday. I've never experienced a longer week in my life. Waiting was so exciting, and the morning of Thursday was even more exciting. Since Bean wanted to come with me, I was going to go to summer school, and she was going to come home with me at 11, and we planed on going to the Tattoo Shop at around 3:30.

Once we got there, I was so scared and nervous. They didn't mention over the phone that we had to bring ID and such, so we drove back all the way back home, found my birth certificate, and I brought my year book. I was so nervous. They took me in right away, and I took Bean with me because I knew my mother might freak out. (Plus Bean was going to take pictures). He checked my tongue and said I was eligible, but that my webbing extended a little farther than others, so it would be a tiny bit closer to the tip, but I didn't care at that point. Nothing was going to stop me.

He sat me down, and had me gargle for about 30 seconds with Listerine. He put the placement dots on my tongue, and I checked in the mirror to see if I liked it. After I said I did, he asked me to stick out my tongue. I was so scared. I clipped this bib type thing (to catch my drool, ew) on my shirt, and he put the clamp on my tongue. I had read a lot of people say that the clamp hurt the worst, but it didn't hurt at all for me. He prepared the needle, and I braced myself. I had watched a lot of YouTube videos, and it was always so quick in them, but mine went through half a second slower because he had to be careful not to pierce my webbing line. All I felt was a sharp pinch, and it was over. It didn't even bleed that much. I gargled again, and he gave me after-care instructions to take home. We forked over 50$ and I left, extremely proud of myself and happy. We all went for ice cream, and it felt so weird to eat anything. I didn't know how to stick my tongue out, or touch i t to my top lip anymore. I tried to do it normally, but it felt so weird. Eventually I learned.

Its been a week since I got it pierced, and I'm starting to talk normal again. I still can't say "with", and some of my s's, but its gotten a lot better. Towards the middle of the second day after I had gotten it pierced, it started swelling a lot, and its still a little swollen. I took a lot of Ibuprofen and ate a lot of cold things, ie ice cream, popsicles, ect, and it doesn't hurt too bad at all anymore. The first four or so days weren't "horrible", but they weren't fun, I'll tell you that. But its so worth it. Now I just can't wait until I can change the bar to a shorter one, and till I can change the balls. I'm really pleased with it, and anyone who wants one should go for it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Ryan
Studio: Ye+Olde+Tattoo+Shop
Location: Studio+City%2C+California

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