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My Tongue Piercing !

I've got a tongue piercing!

It was pierced by Ayla, the apprentice of Hetty of BodyDesign (Ghent, Belgium). I wanted to get pierced by her, because it seemed like a special experience: being pierced by someone who is not yet completely familiar with the procedure. And besides that it seemed interesting to see how the procedures really goes. You know, when you go to a experienced piercer, it's a kind of routine: mark the spot, put the clamps on, get the needle ready, put the needle through, put the jewel through, done. But with the apprentice, I really lived through the whole procedure, very conscious of what was happening, and realizing it isn't all that self-evident. It was great, and that was the main reason why I chose to get pierced by an apprentice.

Ayla said, before we began, that she had the most trouble with marking the spots right. The piercing itself, putting the needle through and stuff, she is quite good at. Well, to me that was the most important thing. She could handle my tongue for half an hour to mark the spots, if it was necessary, as long as the piercing goes smoothly.

And the marking took quite some time, yes. My tongue is really short and my tongue web quite long, so that made it difficult: I can't really stick my tongue out. And it was her very first tongue piercing. So she took her time getting the marks right. But that didn't really bother me, I thought it was kind of funny. In the end I had a purple spot on my tongue, and some purple lines. But one of those lines was the right one, and Ayla knew which, so we were set. She measured my tongue again. 10mm, so that meant a barbell of 16mm to make sure the swelling has enough place to expand.

She put the clamps on, and I was getting a bit nervous. After all, your tongue is a huge lap of meat to go through with a needle. Ayla was holding the needle ready, and asked Hetty (the piercer) if it was correct. They checked up on everything again and then Hetty gave green light. Ayla put the needle through. I thought it was a very funny feeling. I really felt the needle going all the way through my tongue, and potting out in the end. Not at all painful, though I had imagined it to be quite sensitive. Then Ayla cut of the ends of the tube, and she got the barbell ready. All that with the clamps still on my tongue. I think you want an extra pair of arms on a moment like that. She put the barbell through smoothly, she took the clamps off and twisted the balls on the barbell. Then Hetty gave them an extra turn, to make sure they were on tight and ready. I had a tongue piercing!

When I put my tongue back in my mouth, I experienced this strange sensation: Hum, there is something in my mouth, how strange is that. I opened my mouth a time or two, moving my tongue carefully to get used to that weird feeling.

I got some more tips about the piercing and the healing, and then it was done. I'm really satisfied about the way Ayla handled her first tongue piercing. She did really well and had her nerves under control. She did what was necessary to get everything right, no matter how much trouble it gave (I'm thinking about the marking). The piercing is perfect, so well done.

The first couple of days it was still weird to have something in my mouth. Sometimes my tongue felt tired, some muscle-ache or something. But all in all it wasn't that bad.

I could eat pretty well, but very slowly. I had an easy meal that evening, things I didn't have to chew on very much. I couldn't complain. Actually, the chewing wasn't really a problem, that hardest thing was to bring the food to my trout and swallow, because you need your tongue for that.

The day after it felt a bit worse. My tongue was a bit sore and the sensation of the ball under my tongue wasn't really pleasant. But that's something you have to get used to, so I tried to ignore it. I could still eat, if slowly. After a while my tongue got really sore, so I stopped eating for a couple of minutes. That worked all right.

Day three was worse than day two or one.... I did wonder what I had put myself into :-P But that's something you have to go through with a piercing like this: it is uncomfortable. I knew that, so I carried on. The days after that it stayed stable. I could eat okay and my tongue still felt somewhat uncomfortable. But the most annoying thing was the pain in a muscle under my tongue. It wasn't that painful, but it felt annoying. The piercer told me that was because of my short tongue. Well, hoora. But the good news was that this would go away when I had a shorter barbell.

After four weeks my tongue was settled down and we could put a new barbell trough it. Most of the swelling was gone after a week and a couple of days, but the area around my piercing was still a little swollen, that's why we waited so long to switch barbells. Eventually, the piercer put a 12mm barbell in, and it is perfect! And I felt relieved, having so much space in my mouth.

I have a tongue piercing! :-)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Ayla
Studio: BodyDesign
Location: Ghent%2C+Belgium

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