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My Tongue Piercing--I Nearly Fainted!

About two weeks ago, I got my third oral piercing. I had my first lip piercing on the right side done the day after Christmas last year, and my left side done about 2 months ago. They were both fairly painless, besides the fact that my left side squirted out blood. But that's besides the point.

Convincing my mother had to be the most difficult and painful part of the whole process. It wasn't literally painful, just a pain in the butt. I sauntered up to her and told her how much I loved her. Then, I did a bit of pouting and fake crying, and finally, she agreed to take me to get it done..on one condition: I had to make my room spotless.

She thought that this would slow me down and take me about a month just to get around to doing it, but she was oh-so wrong. I finished it at approximately 4 a.m. 2 days after the deal was made. Since I fulfilled my side of the compromise, she now had no choice but to fulfill her side.

So the next day, we went to Spider's Tattoo and Piercing Parlor. I also went there to get my snakebites done, so I returned for a third time. Despite what people say about Spider and the conditions of his shop, I like it. It's clean, the staff are more than tolerable, and there's a good vibe. Plus, I had a $10 off coupon, so going anywhere else was out of the question, since my mom's such a penny-pincher.

Since I'm only 15, my mom had to sign a consent form, and we had to get it notarized at a car shop across the street, which cost $5. Then, we went back to the shop and waited while Spider did whatever he was doing in the piercing room. There were other artists there, but they weren't legally certified to pierce, so I had no choice but to wait it out.

Waiting does things to your mind, I swear it does.One minute, you're extremely excited and want to get back there as soon as possible and get it done. But every minute you wait adds another brick of nerves to the pit of your stomach. I wasn't nervous about the pain. I knew I could handle it, plus most of my friends had gotten their tongues done by Spider. I was actually nervous for no reason at all. I guess it was just the mounting anticipation. Finally, Spider called me back there, and my mom had to come back too, because I'm under the age of 18.

First, he checked my tongue on both sides. All of a sudden, he was said, "Oh my God, look at that!" It scared the hell out of me, not because I thought something was wrong with my tongue, but because I thought I wouldn't be able to get the piercing. Then he added quickly, "Just kidding ya." I was so relieved, but the feelings of ease didn't last long. I gargled with mouthwash for about 1 minute. It burned so bad, and I expected the piercing to be about 10 times worse than the mouthwash. After I spit the mouthwash out, he put on gloves[[he didn't touch my tongue previously when he looked at it to figure the placement]], and then he placed a paper towel on my tongue to dry it out. After that, it was time for the clamp.

I've heard many accounts in which people claim the clamp was the worst part, but it's apparently untrue for me. Spider marked my tongue with a pen, although I didn't even notice because I was looking around at his odd collection of morbid dolls. Then, he fitted the clamp on my tongue, with the pen mark in the center, and he picked up the needle that had just been taken out of some antibiotic/sterilization ointment. He gave me another paper towel to hold underneath my chin in case I drooled or bled[[I guess he hadn't forgotten my most recent lip piercing, haha!]], and then he hovered the needle above the clamp.

"Now take a deep breath," he had told me. As soon as I breathed in, he pushed the needle through as I watched with fascinated eyes. I had barely felt it! What a relief! The needle hung there for about 10 seconds as he got ready to slide the barbell in. The piece of metal slid in without hesitation, and with much ease. I got up to look at it in the mirror, and I automatically fell in love with it. It was placed precisely in the center lower half of my tongue, and the shiny metal contrasted beautifully with the dark pink-red color of my tongue.

We paid Spider $20, although it would have cost $30 if I wouldn't have had the coupon. Altogether, it cost me $25 to get everything signed and completed, and that's including jewelry.

So after we paid the guy, I got in the vehicle and was feeling great and couldn't help but to check out my new piercing every 20 seconds or so. Then, all of a sudden, I started to feel dizzy. I thought the slight change in my vision was the product of not having my glasses on, but then bright white blotches started to appear, and I immediately noticed these as signs that I was about to faint. Last time I got an immunization at the doctor's office, the same thing happened because I hadn't eaten all day [[except I really DID pass out at the doctor's office]], so I knew that I immediately had to eat. I was very apprehensive because this was taking place only about 5 minutes after getting a new piercing, but then the tunnel vision started to kick in, so I got scared and asked my mom to take me to McDonald's.

I ordered a large drink and a McChicken sandwich. Not the best choices to keep my tongue happy and un-irritated, but it would have to do. I was surprised at how little my tongue ring affected my speech. As soon as I got some Coca-Cola into my system, I felt almost instantly better. Sucking on a straw was harder than I expected, but I soon got the hang of it. Eating solid food, on the other hand, was tougher than straw-sipping. I bit my tongue ring 3-5 times and bit my tongue once. My ring also got stuck in front of my teeth twice, which kind of sucked.

Now, my tongue feels healed, although I didn't follow most of the rules. I drank milk 3 days after getting it done, and I made out with people the day after it was done. The swelling was horrible. My tongue got HUGE, and it hurt when I tried to stick it out. I was popping Ibuprofens like crazy. 800mg every 6 hours, and then as soon as I woke up. The swelling went down after about 4 or 5 days, and the Ibuprofen helped a TON in reducing the swelling and accelerating the healing process. I have a dent in my tongue from where the roof of my mouth presses down on the ball when I sleep, but it doesn't hurt.

To anyone wishing to get a tongue piercing, I suggest that you eat a little something before you get your piercing done. If you're worried about your breath, just brush your teeth after you get done. And if you don't have time to eat, make absolutely sure that you drink a very sugary drink, probably something like Coke or Mountain Dew, to help keep your blood sugar up. Doing so will eliminate your chances of fainting. Also, take a painkiller before getting it done [[prescription Ibuprofen is definitely the best to use]], because it will slow down the rate at which your tongue swells, and help ease any [[physical]] discomfort during and after the piercing process. Lastly, brush your teeth at least once a day to help keep the piercing site and the jewelry clean.

All in all, the worst part of the experience was the mouthwash, and nearly fainting ranked a close second. But don't let these small worries get in your way of getting your tongue ring. Believe me, it's totally worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Spider
Studio: Spider+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: Radcliff%2C+Kentucky

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