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My interesting tongue piercing experience

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I decided I wanted a tongue piercing. Tongue piercings never really appealed to me but after I accompanied my roommate to get her tongue pierced I started to look at the piercing in a new light. Since she had such a good experience with hers I decided that the piercing would suit me well.

After a month of thinking it over I decided the tongue piercing would be my new addition, especially because I was looking for a new job and knew I could hide the piercing well in case my new employers didn't approve. I wasn't concerned about the piercing hurting despite what other people told me. I've grown used to people's stories about how much their piercings hurt and then experiencing relatively no pain at all.

On Saturday I went into Vision Body Piercing. A studio I had never been to before but the same piercer who pierced my nose was working there. Since I had no issues with my nose piercing I trusted him to do my tongue piercing as well.

After filling out the necessary paperwork and sitting in the waiting area for about 10 minutes it was my turn to be pierced. The piercer changed his gloves a couple of times after washing his hands first, so I felt pretty comfortable. After having my tongue checked for veins and cleaning my mouth with mouthwash for 45 seconds it was time for the actual piercing. The needle went through and I can confidently say that it was the most painful piercing I've ever had. I was in shock over how much it hurt especially because I never had that problem with any other piercing before. The pain was actually so intense that I shook. Thankfully the pain only lasted for a few seconds.

The needle was followed with the jewelry which turned out to be very long. I knew that the bar had to be long to account for the swelling but it was causing me problems immediately. Trying to talk to the piercer afterwards about aftercare was extremely awkward as I kept slurring every other word and kept swallowing so I wouldn't start drooling all over myself. The bar was constantly wiggling all around my mouth and got caught on my teeth 5 minutes into having the piercing. My piercer started to look really worried but I told him I'd be fine and would just hold my tongue still and not talk until I got the bar changed.

That night my tongue became incredibly swollen and I grew to appreciate the length of the jewelry. I tried to eat applesauce, but I kept drooling it out of the side of my mouth and gave up. I attempted to lick a popsicle but it felt weird so I stuck to sucking on ice. That night I became paranoid about my tongue being swollen and kept periodically waking up, convinced that my tongue was going to block my airway and that I'd suffocate to death. I eventually calmed down, but night after night I also kept waking up with a really dry mouth.

After a few days I noticed that my tongue had a really thick white coating. I tried to scrape it off with my tongue cleaner, my toothbrush, a fork, and a knife. None of those methods worked and for awhile I was convinced that I couldn't possibly be over-cleaning it. I was washing my mouth out 3 times a day with Biotene and twice a day with a saline solution. I grew tired of constantly needing water in the middle of the night so I cut back on the Biotene to twice a day and my mouth was no longer dry. The white coating also completely went away and my tongue was starting to look normal again.

After a week went by I was concerned. I could barely talk, and when I tried I had a horrible lisp and my tongue felt strained. I kept up with the constant sucking on ice but it seemed like it wasn't helping at all. However, by day 10 I was starting to talk beautifully and the swelling went down a bit. Even so, it didn't look like the swelling would be down enough for me to have the bar changed to the smaller one after the scheduled 14 days.

After two weeks my tongue was still swollen. I also noticed that whenever I talked a small red bump would form in front of the top of my piercing. However, if I stopped talking for a few hours the bump would go away. There was also a build up of plaque forming on the bottom ball. I tried to scrub it off, but it didn't help so I eventually stopped trying. In addition, there was a white circle forming around the bottom hole which I assumed was scar tissue and left alone.

After 3 weeks the swelling didn't seem like it had gone down enough for me to get the bar changed and I was starting to get worried. The piercing wasn't painful at all and it didn't seem infected. There was the usual white stuff coming out but no oddly colored fluids to concern me. I also began to see a lump forming in front of the top hole that wouldn't go away and I assumed that it was from irritation.

Despite the problems I still agreed to kiss my boyfriend. I was worried about my piercing, but he was interested in knowing what it felt like (apparently not much). I kept that to a minimum though and after another week I decided to put an end to my tongue piercing experience.

I was kind of worried about trying to get the jewelry out because I was afraid I'd hurt myself if I tried too vigorously to screw the ball off. I had issues with a navel piercing I had previously and had to go back to the piercer to get the navel jewelry removed since the ball was screwed on so tightly. However after trying for about thirty minutes of struggling I was able to remove the ball and take out the jewelry.

The hole closed up fully in a matter of hours and I could see just how bad the lump of scar tissue was. It was redder than the rest of my tongue and appeared to contain a very swollen taste bud. I immediately put some crushed aspirin on it because I read online that it could help. I also put pressure on it with a warm tea bag. The next day the lump looked much better and had gotten smaller, which I think was mostly because it was healing on its own.

As of today the lump is still here, but it's only been about 3 days since I've removed the piercing. If you want to get your tongue pierced then you should go for it. You could heal rather normally like my roommate did or you could have some problems along the way like I did. Just be aware of the possible risks and complications.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Peat
Studio: Vision+Body+Piercing
Location: Florida

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